Now that February has arrived, most people have already tossed their goals to the wayside and have settled into old habits. A month into the year, I’m feeling excited about my slow-and-steady progress and thrilled to be partnering with Sport Chek to share more about my weekly routines and my overall goals for 2018.

If there’s a time to buckle down and really prep yourself for successes this Spring/Summer, it’s now. Yeah, that’s right, I said it! Summer has a way of creeping up on us when we least expect it. One minute you’re stuffing your face at Christmas dinner then all of a sudden the Easter bunny is dropping off more chocolate than should be allowed in your house and then poof… it’s bikini season. While I take a more long-term, lifestyle approach to health, fitness and wellness in general I am still focused on looking and most importantly feeling my very best come summer time. I mean, who doesn’t?

To simplify, I’ve broken down my weekly routines so you can get an inside look at what I follow each week. Scroll down for this list as well as my goals for the new year:


MONDAY: Boxing (at 30 Minute Hit Studio)
After taking the weekend to relax, I like to start the week off on the right foot. I have been going to 30 Minute Hit for the past five years and absolutely LOVE it. It’s always worked for me in terms of fitting it in because its a timed 30 minute circuit that works your core, balance, strength etc. Without the proper nutrition + water there’s no way you’d make it through this high intensity workout, so for me, it helps me improve beyond just the areas of fitness.

TUESDAY: Yoga from home.
Tuesday I can count on being sore from boxing, so to let my muscles rest + recover I usually do a Yoga dvd at home in my living room. It’s about the same amount of time (less travel) so it’s perfect and helps to lengthen and loosing up sore muscles.

WEDNESDAY: Boxing (at 30 Minute Hit Studio)

THURSDAY: Boxing (at 30 Minute Hit Studio) followed by yoga at home
Most weeks won’t allow for this, but I try to box in the morning on Thursday and then do Yoga later in the day so I get a double dose before the weekend. This combo has been really effective for me to get all those little areas tightened up while clearing out the mental clutter.

FRIDAY: Hikes + walks with my family
Friday’s my husband has off, so we will likely grab a coffee in the morning and take our dog to walk nearby trails or go on a hike. It’s a nice way to welcome the weekend and get in some extra family time outdoors.

After sharing a reflection from 2017, I got a lot of questions about my goals for 2018 so I’ve shared those below as well:


  1. MORE FAMILY TIME: something we can NEVER get enough of. Whether we’re picnicing at the beach, hiking trails or relaxing at home we can never soak up enough family time. This year we’ve made it a priority to plan more little quick getaways so that we can have more time to hang out, recharge and be together without the interruption of work!
  2. TRAVEL: this year I’m hoping to do a lot more travel for work. Currently plotting my escape and some really incredible projects I’ve been keeping under wraps for a while.
  3. BE (MORE) BRAVE: think big and act on intuition without overthinking or questioning myself. Its soooo easy to veer into the ‘but how’ lane, but what I’ve learned is that the ‘how’ will appear when we are bold enough to trust the process and just go for it.
  4. PLANT BASED MEALS: we are by no means vegan or vegetarian in our home, but we do realize the benefits of eating more plant based meals. Typically I’ll cook 2-3 plant based meals per week and we’ve never felt better. We’ve also been weeding out dairy (replaced with Cashew milk) and as much processed foods as we can.
  5. VIDEO CONTENT: this is something I have been working on for months now. I have really enjoyed getting to know my readers better through Stories, so I think it’s time now to start sharing more elements of my life and business with you through video. Way easier to get to know me!
  6. BUY A HOUSE: we aren’t in a rush, but if we are thinking of expanding our brood we need more space! While we have no intentions of buying a home this year, it’s on our list and we are actively looking to find our perfect family home.
  7. START A FAMILY: again, this isn’t at the top of our list but something we are preparing for and can’t wait to add a couple minions to our family tree. I believe in trusting the timing of life and know that this blessing will come when it is meant to… and to be completely honest, when we are ready.
  8. LIVE WITH LESS: this year I will live with less, donate, gift, reuse or go without. It really disturbs me thinking about how much we, as North Americans waste. So I’m choosing to be more mindful about what I’m brining and keeping in our home but also where and how I’m passing them on afterwards. As a blogger I get so much mail, so many gifts and packages there is no possible way I could ever use them all, which is why this year you can count on seeing more giveaways on my stories. I love being able to give back to my readers because they’ve become my friends! If I can pass on some new products to you that maybe you had your eye on and wanted to try, it’s win-win.
  9. HEALTHY MIND, HEALTHY BODY: number one priority in 2018; everyday I must do some sort of exercise. Again, this is more about feeling good than about looking good. For me, this is the key that unlocks all the goodness in all areas of my life. For more about my personal journey, read this post.
  10. ACTS OF KINDNESS: each year this is something I think to do but; no money, not enough time, can’t get there…. excuse after excuse come out of my mouth and before you know it, another year has gone by. I want to commit to doing one act of kindness at least twice per month. Whether that’s making a donation to an important cause, visiting my grandparents more or just helping someone out, nothing feels better than giving and this is something that I want to carry through 2018!

What are some of your goals for 2018?? I’d love to hear them, so we can both keep each other accountable!


This post is in collaboration with Sport Chek. As always, all opinions are my own. 


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