All the back-to-school hype always gets me in the mood for fall. I don’t know what it is, but come the final week of August, I shift right into the next season and get obsessive about organizing our interior, making lists & stocking up on household essentials, pantry staples and ingredients to make yummy dishes for the cooler months. Even though we moved into our house months ago, I still don’t feel like we’ve done a proper job of stocking our fridge + pantry. I feel like there’s still lots missing, so I’m determined to do a proper grocery haul so that we have everything we need to stay home & be cozy [versus having to drive to the store everyday for misc items].

Since I’m very much a virgo, I made my lists :) scroll down for my complete pantry list:

I wouldn’t say that whipping up baked goods is a ‘thing’ for us, but I love the idea of having the ingredients on hand to make something fun, on a whim. I am someone who feels deeply connected to seasons, they each bring back a sense of nostalgia & memories from my childhood. Now that we have Ryder, the idea of making yummy treats on the weekends or when guests come over, feels so fun. So here’s what I need:

+ pure vanilla extract
+ baking soda
+ unsweetened & semisweet dark chocolate
+ cocoa powder
+ dry yeast
+ cornstarch
+ all-purpose flour
+ pure maple syrup
+ sugar (white/brown)
+ butter
+ oats

Year-round, I love to make big, fresh salads & incorporating lentils or chickpeas is such an easy way to make sure you’re getting enough nutrients & protein. One of my favorite fall meals to make is a big pot of turkey chilli with chipotle & lime – it’s soo good (topped with aged cheddar, sour cream, chives, OMG). We currently have nothing in the canned good dpt, so I’ve got some shopping to do:

+ tomatos
+ tomato paste
+ green & black olives
+ olive paste
+ anchovies
+ anchovy paste
+ capers
+ pickles
+ chickpeas
+ black beans
+ lentils
+ mustards
+ oil-packed tuna
+ chicken broth

I love having pasta on hand to throw a delicious dinner together, in no time. Most of the time, I’ll make our pasta sauce with pasta water, olive oil, white wine, lemon & garlic but I also like to have a canned tomato sauce, as well for extra hectic nights. We keep the following pastas on rotation so we never get bored:

+ spaghetti
+ spaghettini
+ penne
+ rigatoni
+ fettuccine
+ orzo
+ arborio
+ basmati rice
+ garlic rice

I keep all my dried vegetables in open-air baskets, since the pantry is cool & dark it makes for the perfect environment to keep them fresh for longer. Here’s what we like to keep on hand:

+ potatoes
+ sweet potatoes
+ onions
+ shallots
+ tomatos
+ garlic
+ ginger

+ chia & hemp seeds (for smoothies)
+ pine nuts
+ sunflower seeds
+ seed crackers (I love Mary’s!)
+ pretzel chips
+ white truffle oil
+ extra virgin olive oil
+ balsamic vinegar
+ white wine vinegar
+ nut butters (we love FATSO & Mumgry)
+ peanut butter
+ raw honey
+ sourdough

+ eggs
+ feta
+ hummus
+ Tzatziki
+ bocconcini cheese
+ parmesan
+ fresh lemons
+ fresh dill
+ fresh basil
+ romaine
+ spinach
+ arugula
+ green onion
+ broccoli
+ cucumbers
+ oranges
+ greek yogurt
+ hot sauce

We like to have a variety of sparkling waters chilling in the fridge at all times (we love Sparkmouth, lemon/lime/grapefruit are all amazing), and instead of drinking pop, we keep a few Zevia (colas) in the fridge, they’re so good ice cold when you’re in the mood for a coke, but don’t want the garbage.

Looks like I’ve got my work cut-out for me! LOL


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