Yes, you read that correctly. We’ve been keeping things quiet over the last five months, but I’m so excited to share with you that we are expecting our first baby this August – things are getting real!

Early on in our relationship, we established how important family is to each of us and often talked about the possibility of starting our own someday. It was one of the huge initial attractions for both of us! We’ve always done things on our own terms and I can confidently say that we took our time to set a good, solid foundation for our life together. We’ve been together for 13 years, after meeting in University and took our relationship slow; moved-in together, got engaged, brought home a dog and settled into our careers. The last few years, it’s become a more frequent conversation since we’ve both gotten further in our careers and overall, just feel like we’ve both settled into the people we’ve been wanting to become. 

Late last year, we decided it was time to start getting serious and I went off my birth control to give my body a rest and let it detox. There’s been absolutely NO pressure whatsoever, in terms of trying to get pregnant. One quality about both of us (we are both Virgo’s) is that we are extremely laid back. I never wanted to put additional stress on myself to get pregnant and my approach has always been that it’ll happen when it’s time. 

On Nov 18th, 2020 I took a pregnancy test and let it sit on the counter while I took a long-ass shower and to my shock, it read PREGNANT 3+!!! 

I’m 22 weeks and am feeling great. I’ve been blessed with an easy pregnancy – so far, hopefully I didn’t just jinx that LOL. The first couple months I was absolutely exhausted and felt kinda blah, but aside from one week of being sick, it’s been smooth sailing since. I feel energetic, happy, healthy and very motivated and inspired by my job, since the countdown is now on. In 4-ish month I’ll have a newborn and because of my career, will not be taking a traditional maternity leave. I have a vague plan as to how I’ll tackle being a mom/boss but seeing some of my friends in the space go through it with success makes me feel confident that I’ll be fine and figure it out. 

Can’t lie, it’s been tough shooting new content over the last few weeks that my belly has started to pop – so glad the cat is out of the bag now and I can actually style the bump like a normal person! 

Your support towards me + my business helps me be able to financially support my family while building a business I am truly passionate about. I’m so excited for all the things in store (more secrets to spill, coming soon….) I could literally burst! Happy to have you share in my journey with me. 


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