It’s funny how social media can make it seem like you know a person. Like, really know them! I always struggle to share more intimately here, I’m a lot like an onion and come with many layers. Not all of which are demonstrated over social – which is why I try to write more personal stories on my blog. Since today is my birthday, I thought it was only fitting to share 35 things about me (I bet you probably didn’t know).

  1. I am the oldest of five kids in my family.
  2. A virgo. through and through.
  3. I started my own business in 2014.
  4. My family & I moved to the South of France when I was in Grade 7.
  5. I went to KPU and received my bachelors degree in Business and Marketing.
  6. I was hired by an Ad agency straight after.
  7. I have an independent spirit (which sometimes annoys ppl).
  8. I love rainy days.
  9. I met my husband 13 years ago in university after stealing ‘his’ seat in class (he was late).
  10. I’ve always wanted to be a mom.
  11. I use to be a night owl, now slowly converting to early bird.
  12. When I was younger I thought I wanted to either be an interior designer or work for a magazine.
  13. I’m not religious, but very spiritual.
  14. My favourite color palette is a neutral one but I’m not opposed to color occasionally.
  15. I’m obsessed with Mexican food + charcuterie boards.
  16. I got married in 2015 to my best friend of all time.
  17. I often complain about being cold.
  18. I’m 5″7.
  19. I’ve had so many shitty jobs, you wouldn’t believe – Safeway bakery, tanning salons, London Drugs cashier, waitress, retail, office jobs galore but I never acted like any of them were beneath me and they all taught me skills I use to this day.
  20. I lived + worked in New York for a summer (right before I met my husband).
  21. Moved out with my boyfriend 8 years ago, right before he popped the question in Honolulu on New Year’s Day 2013.
  22. I’m very family-oriented and love old-fashioned traditions.
  23. My fave boozy drinks include a frozen margarita, mojitos and Rosé.
  24. I ran a painting franchise the summer after I graduated from high school.
  25. When I started my blog/business and quit my job I was BROKE AF.
  26. One day I want to own a pack of dogs.
  27. (but in the meantime) I would like 2 kids.
  28. My first car was a forest green Ford Explorer that belonged to my Grandpa long before.
  29. I’ve lost people close to me but I believe in angels and know they are always with me.
  30. For the longest time I thought I was an extrovert but I’m really an introvert + total homebody.
  31. I LOVE rollercoasters. There’s nothing I wouldn’t go on.
  32. I like space + time alone.
  33. I thought I would have gotten married / had a family earlier, but I’m so thankful we waited + took our time.
  34. I think the biggest advantage is being underestimated by others.
  35. I never drink the very end of a pumpkin spiced latte bc it’s too sweet.

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