It’s so easy to let your mind drift into overdrive – it happens without me even realizing it, sometimes. They say an untrained mind is a landmine…. feelings of comparison, self-doubt, imposter syndrome all creep in. It happens to the best of us, I know I’ve dealt with my fair share. Here’s how I look at things, so it’s easier to shift those thoughts into ones that actually serve me.

DON’T COMPARE: don’t play the comparison game. Be rest assured that what we all see on Instagram is only a slice of the pie. Don’t take it too seriously, after all, everyone’s playing for show, so obviously it’s easy to feel like everyones life is 10-steps ahead of yours, or better in some way. This is where we need to set boundaries…

SET SOCIAL BOUNDARIES: I put limits on how much time I spend on social media every day. Even though it’s part of my job, I could literally go nuts if I don’t limit myself & create some separation. Generally speaking, I try to be off of my phone for family dinners & each evening. Unless I have something exciting to share, that time is better spent with my family. Have you ever went and checked how many hours per day you spend scrolling? Honestly, you might be shocked.

PUT LIMITS ON YOUR SOCIAL CONSUMPTION: I also set limits on what I’m consuming day-to-day. There are only really about 5 accounts that I actively seek-out/follow on stories daily. Of course, there are my friends, peers & brands I love, who I try to make a point of supporting, but when it comes to scrolling instagram, I actually try not to. Instead I have a few legitimate accounts, who are experts in their field and who I get something from – whether that be advice, a laugh, inspo etc. Watch how you consume media (so mindlessly), see how it makes you feel, and adjust accordingly.

DON’T OBSESS OVER THE NUMBERS: another pitfall of social media is the numbers game. It’s become this crazy obsession that unfortunately has a lot of people associating with their worth, because maybe their numbers aren’t matching what they deem as ‘success’. It’s really sad to see such talented, vibrant, creative people casting huge shadows of self-doubt over themselves just because of the way IG works on the back-end. Keep in mind that Instagram is a business, and people get greedy when it comes to $. I like to view my Instagram as a digital portfolio of my work and a little taste inside my life, as a wife, mom and business woman. But I also spend the majority of my time building out my blog & website, here. If everything goes sideways, at least all my work is built on a platform that I own 100%.

FIND YOUR WELLNESS BEST PRACTICES: that help you feel your best. I recently wrote about my wellness best practices, outlining exactly what I do to take proper care of myself from the inside out. One little thing I’ve been doing is to practice being present. These days, it’s everyone’s first reaction to reach for their phone, if ever (god forbid) we are made to wait a minute. If I’m in the elevator, or sitting in a waiting room, or waiting for my next meeting, I try to avoid getting on my phone and instead I try to just slow down my mind and be present in the moment. The shift I feel when making this conscious effort is kinda nuts! Don’t get me wrong, I love social media and sharing my life, but it’s a balance I’m still finding my footing in.

Mindset is everything IMO, and I think when you have a strong mind and possess mental toughness, you will find success no matter what’s going on in the world. But, I see where it can get muddled and I think being the first generation that has had deal with social media etc. has had a profound impact on everything from mental health, physical health, self-esteem & more. You can find more mindset + wellness hacks & tips in the wellness section of the blog!


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