Today I’m excited to talk a bit about fitness and sticking to those goals! We are all faced with crumby whether, dark mornings and busy schedules but that shouldn’t deter us from making smart choices that have our long-term health at heart. I’ve found a few things that help keep me motivated:


  1. Dress for success: invest in some active wear options that get you excited to go and work out. Getting a couple new items that you can mix and match will always make the trip to the gym a lot better when you are feeling your best.

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  2. Carve out some time: you know your schedule better than anyone so carve out your own routines and stick to them. We just got our puppy last week, which totally through off my schedule! Workouts are usually the first things to go when there’s a shift in our routines, but I’m so happy to report that puppy has really taken a liking to his crate and so now I’m able to carve out an hour or two when he’s napping to leave the house and get my workout in.

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  3. Enjoy the burn: find activities that you LOVE and working out won’t be such a chore to tick off your list. I started kick boxing 3 years ago and it’s become something that I really enjoy so it never feels like a chore. I also love a less intensive workout, and for those days I do weight training at the gym, run along the boardwalk by the water or take a hot yoga class. We love going hiking and taking walks especially now with our dog, so find something that you enjoy to do that can be including into your daily routine.
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  4. Plan ahead: the key to keeping your working routine is planning ahead. That means getting to bed earlier, getting dinner cooked and breakfast prepped for the following day. I also like to organize my gym bag and lay out my outfit for the next morning so there are no excuses to get out the door!

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  5. Stay hydrated: drinking water throughout the day not only keeps you hydrated, clears complexion and flushes your body of harmful toxins, but it also helps curb stiffness and soreness after hitting the gym. If I’ve worked extra hard I make sure to chug as much water as I can to help reduce feeling stiff the following morning.

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Photography: Allison Kuhl

What helps you keep your goals and stay on track?


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