To think it’s already been six months since I set my goals for 2016! It seems just like yesterday and so long ago at the same time. To refresh my memory I read this blog post I wrote back in January to help get re-inspired to work even harder to attempt to knock off every goal on the list. After reading it again I have to say I’m actually quite proud of myself for sticking with it and pushing ahead to achieve my idea of success. For the most part, I’m right on track and already seeing the results of my work.

Which brings me to my next note. To clarify, ‘The Working Girl’ was never meant to describe me per se. But rather the idea that life is to be lived as a work ‘in-progress’, a constant evolution of the best Sydney I can be. Not only do I envision a successful path in my career, but also for my personal growth, my marriage, my relationships, with the ultimate goal of feeling blissfully happy & fulfilled through all aspects of my life (and so far it’s working). If I’m going to spend my days on this earth I might as well work hard in every facet to make as many of my dreams a reality. I want my future kids to see firsthand through my actions what hard work and dedication can earn them if they aspire to have it bad enough.

For me, working out (I do a mix of strength training and kicking boxing) makes me happy. I feel stronger after each and every workout and it’s such a powerful way to mentally and physically push myself. My husband is every bit as dedicated and competitive as I am so it becomes a fun game of ‘who can keep on track the longest’, but also a great way to support each others mini successes, failures or struggles. We keep each other on track and I’m so thankful to have such a strong, loving and supportive husband to come home to at the end of each day.

Working out then forces us both to eat healthier, to be more mindful and to drink loads more water – which I find helps clear up and brighten my skin and flush unwanted toxins from my body, making me feel better. It also gives me so much more energy and helps me sleep better, which means I can be more attentive to my business and focus all my energy on its daily demands so I can succeed on that front. It’s all this big, giant circle of a cycle that I genuinely feel is getting me closer to reaching those goals day in and day out. By sharing my passions and creative spirit, I only hope to inspire others in my journey to living a life fulfilled. Did you set any goals for 2016? Let’s crush them together!!

Some visual inspiration I pulled from the Vision Board I created back in January:

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