As you know, wellness and self-care have been huge for me for this year (talked heavily on this on my podcast with #PRIVtalks) and something I’ve been blocking out time for each and every day I can. While many people might argue that taking (any) time to focus solely on yourself (to read, meditate, take a walk or do a face mask) is time wasted but I would have to disagree. This year I’ve learned this time is necessary for me to feel connected, grounded, energized and taken care of.

Let’s face it, we can’t all splurge on spa days (esp this time of year) but there are some things you can do to give yourself some well deserved time and relaxation and do it at home! Scroll down for my quick list of tips to create some serious at-home spa vides:



Light a candle: I’ve said this so many times before but I love candles bc of how they make me feel. Not only do they create a relaxing ambiance but they also fill our space with gorgeous, fresh scents like Frasier Fir, the ultimate smell of Christmas and our favourite this time of year.

The right tools: I don’t splurge often but when I do, its bc it is an investment in myself. Some of the beauty tools I got this year (like my Clarisonic Mia Smart, Nurse Jamie Roller and my Rose Quartz Roller) I use nearly if not everyday and have become part of my self-care routine that helps me to start/end my day and make me feel my best.

Body + Hair + Skincare: I am all about eye and face masks, serums and oils. I’ve even started getting more into hair masks to help repair and hydrate. Find what you need and like and invest in some key products to get your started, trust me you will become obsessed! The more I learn and try the more I’m understanding further what I can do (daily) to take care of my best self.

Keep cozy: being cozy is at my core. I live in sweats + robes 99% of the time — unless I’m heading to meetings a shoot or an event you can bet I’m in loungewear. Working from home, it’s an absolute must.

Block it in your schedule: whether you can fit it in better in the morning or at the end of you day, finding and making the time to do something for yourself really is crucial. Even 10 minutes a day does wonders! I’ve been finding any time I can each day to devote to self care and have already noticed serious benefits to my overall mood and well being.

Everything is what you make it. If you’re finding you can’t get to an actual spa, creating a space where you can relax and indulge at home is the next best thing!


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