At the start of each season I like to take a bit of time to refresh our space. This doesn’t have to be about accumulating a lot of ‘things’ or buying more. It really comes down to how my space feels and depending on the time of year, I like to sub things in/out to match.

Since I work from home and spend the majority of my time at home, it’s important that it feels happy, light and comfortable. A place we like & want to spend time in and somewhere I can feel creative and inspired.

Part of the reason I like creating these shopping lists is to get inspiration myself! When I come across items I like or want I link them (using my app) for future reference.

Today I’m sharing a roundup of items that have been on my wishlist — for example; I’ve been really into organization lately so I’ve linked a couple systems that are equally as chic as they are functional; textured baskets, wire baskets, display bowls for the coffee table, trays and jewelry organizers.

To be honest, most of these items are out of my budget. I like to put together my ‘dream list’ for inspiration and then scour affordable places like Target, HomeSense (HomeGoods), TJ Maxx, Winners etc. where items are marked (way) down. I go pretty frequently so I’m constantly finding great scores. One thing I try to keep in mind when I’m shopping is to try to only buy items I know I could style in the future, ones that could work for multiple seasons down the line (as opposed to buying more trendy items I love now but won’t necessarily work later).

I also like to stick to a theme or general colour scheme so that when I am purchasing anything new, it follows the same flow so that I can continue to make use and mix it up season to season. *this is why I don’t buy a lot of colour. I’ve personally found it more difficult to repeat certain items or looks using colour. My jam is working with neutrals that can easily be created into different looks and lots and lots of cozy textures. If I’m feeling a little risky I like to add in a bold print, like a pillow, seating or side table to reflect.


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