This year, back-to-school will look a little different depending on where you live. Some schools + universities have agreed to open their doors (for now), while others will be moving forward with online learning.

No matter your situation, I think we can agree that you’ll likely be spending more screen-time than ever before. You guys are always asking + complimenting me on my eyewear, but what you don’t know is that my glasses are strictly for blue light protection (& style ;).


A blue light filter blocks a portion of blue light to help avoid eye strain or fatigue. Most of us spend at least 8 hours a day either staring into a computer, scrolling through social media or studying hard, potentially exposing ourselves to blue light even after the sun goes down.

What’s really harmful and the main reason I wear Blue light protection, is because the exposure to blue light tricks your body into thinking it’s still day time, making it even harder to wind down and potentially impacting your sleep cycle. And this I cannot have, nothing f*cks with my sleep!

Listing a few easy ways you can help protect your eye health, below…


+ get an eye exam to check for potential issues
+ take regular breaks from screen use
+ use an app or phone-based filter to reduce blue light at night
+ avoid screen time an hour before bed
+ blue light filter lenses also help to reduce eye strain & fatigue

Until September 30th, Bailey Nelson is hosting a back-to-school offer
where students & faculty can get frames for $100 when you use code BACKTOSCHOOLSYDNEY at checkout.
FYI – this offer can be redeemed online or in-store and can be used towards prescription glasses & non-prescription Blue Light glasses!
*proof of student ID required


I’ve been collecting quite the assortment of Blue Light glasses LOL. As I mentioned, I don’t actually need glasses to see/read so for me they have become a really fun statement piece that I can use to accessorize my look. While of course, protecting the health of my eyesight. I’m not planning on adjusting my time online anytime soon, so this gives me piece of mind knowing I’m not causing any strain or discomfort.

As you know, I’m a huge fan of Bailey Nelson for their extensive range of styles and affordability. Not to mention, next level customer service when visiting in-store.

I love that they carry a variety of versions of certain styles. For example, you may have seen me wearing my Johnny frames which I’m obsessed with, they’re so fun! Well, they have a few other pairs that are very similar with a twist like these and these. Or take my Adler frames, keeping with the same style, I also love this option as well. I don’t know many eyeglass brands who do this. All that thin metal frame look but in a few styles so you can keep switching things up.

For a girl who LOVES to accessorize, this place is a one-stop shop.
Hoping you can take advantage of this savings and find something you truly love. Leaving direct links to the items I have from from Bailey Nelson, including my cute rose gold eyeglass chain.

Johnny in gold

Adler Rose Gold

Esquire in yellow tortoise

Rose gold glasses chain

Thank you to Bailey Nelson for sponsoring this post. As always, all comments & opinions are my own.


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