Happy New Year!

2013 proved to be the year of ‘Progress’. A lot has happened in my world in the last year –  And every accomplishment has been (&felt) amazing.

For me, the past few years have been a struggle. A slow & steady fight, for dreams to be realized, ripen & slowly start to come true. Little by little. Slowly but surely.

And the lessons I’ve learned along the way, not just in this year, have only solidified who I am as a person & who I want to become with time.

It’s easy to be swayed into thinking that BIG things happen quickly for those who work hard & dream big, but for me that has not always been the case. It took me much longer than most of my peers to complete my Degree in Business, but I (proudly) finished. And after a lot of networking, wishing & praying, only 2 short months later I was hired by a top Ad Agencies in town.

Right around this time last year, (Feb to be exact) I started this very blog as a requirement for my degree. Through my little blog, I’ve met some of the kindest most sincere & inspiring spirits in the city, many of whom have become close friends & business partners.  But most of all, this blog has been a creative sanctuary where I can harness my dreams & build them tactfully into a reality that I’m still hoping will shine in the future.

I’ve been hopelessly dreaming & finally put steps in place to officially launch my re-branded blog & website ‘TheWorkingGirl.ca’ later this month. As an extension to The Working Girl Inc. I will also be writing for The Huffington Post, sharing some fun how-to’s & styling tips for the modern-day ‘Working Girl’. And there is so much more that will be rolling out throughout the year – I hope you will join me along the way!

While many of my dreams have yet to manifest, I am confident that if I keep pushing & make moves each day, little by little that they too will come true. Here’s to a new year of dreaming!

Ohh! And the best part of 2014 so far?! If you follow me on Instagram, then you may have already heard that I am newly engaged to the light of my life. Nothing in this life is worth anything if you haven’t got LOVE to see you through it.



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