HELLO 2016

Kicking off the first blog post of the new year! One of my favorite ways to ease back into the year with a fresh perspective is to create a new vision board. Have you ever tried it? Back in high school I started making these vision / dream boards with images of what I wanted my life to look like – back then I’d rip out pages in magazines.. you know, images that made me feel happy, of what my dream house looked like, car, tropical destinations I wanted to visit, and of course lots of photos of the successful woman I wanted to become. Every year I make new ones, switching out and adding images, goals, dreams. It forces me to think about the kind of life I want to achieve and the type of woman I am aiming to become, if nothing else it helps to get clear on the direction I want for my life as a whole. I would strongly recommend you try making one yourself and see where it leads.

This year instead of kicking it old school, I thought I’d create my 2016 vision using Pinterest. Click over to view more of how I’m seeing this year. Here’s a peek below:


Vision #1: work / life balance. I’m working hard to give myself strict ‘work-free’ hours at home — that means sans cell phone nearby so I can soak up my quality time with my husband, family and friends. We might not always get to see each other as much as we like, but the time we do get I want to be present and really enjoy those moments without distraction. 6

Vision #2: mix in print. I love to play with fashion and trends, this year I’d like to incorporate more bold prints – and extend them into our home, accessories, office space! Time to step out of my comfort zone and really go for what I’m naturally drawn to. 1

Vision #3: work new shades. I’d like to experiment with beauty and hair a little more this year. My lipstick collection has grown a lot over the past couple of seasons, and I’m always adding new shades to the mix. Any recommendations? 2

Vision #4: get back to hitting bags. (After falling right off the wagon in 2015) I’m really excited to get back into boxing and stick to a goal of X3 workouts per week. This workout is just as much a battle with the mind as it is the body, it’s tough but makes me tougher. There’s simply nothing better than feeling your best from the inside, out!


Vision #5: organize my home. Whether cleaning out my purse, closet or desktop space, life is simply better when neatly organized with purpose. I’m committed to keeping things organized at home and did a huge purge over the holidays to donate to local charities and goodwill.


Vision #6: the year of travel. We’ve got some exciting trips planned for 2016, including a visit to Mallorca, Spain (any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!) this summer where my sweet husband was born. Also on the list is to explore more of our beautiful BC, two business trips to Los Angeles & North Carolina and end the year off in Hawaii.

I hope 2016 is off to a great start for you all! Please let me know how you are doing & any questions you may have by leaving a comment below xx



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