If there’s anything worse than Monday morning, it’s Monday morning after daylight savings. It may only be one hour difference but somehow that one hour made all the difference this morning. Monday mornings in general seem to have a way of totally sucking the life out of us before the week has even begun, so today I put together my list of tried and true tricks to get my mind right come Monday morning. Read on for my tips below…

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  1. Adjust your clocks: seeing as how this post didn’t go live until 5pm, hopefully by now you’ve adjusted your clocks.
  2. Make an extra cup for the road: I usually only stick to one cup of coffee at home before I start work but Mondays always call for a second cup. I remember when I still worked at an agency, especially on Mondays having an extra hot, delicious cup of coffee along for the ride to work always made the trip a little more cozy/bearable to get through. Always felt better once I got settled at work.
  3. Mondays are all about comfort: take ten minutes the night before to think through and look out your outfit for the next morning. Not only will you feel more organized, thus less stressed but you can sleep in an extra ten minutes peacefully knowing you’ve got everything under control. Most Mondays it’s hard enough to peel yourself out of bed, never mind get decked out in some tight, complicated outfit so I’ll usually opt for something along the lines of business casual. Depending on what’s going on I could get away with a pair of dark wash denim and a fun, fitted tee under a navy blazer. I believe comfort shouldn’t be compromised for style so I love to complete this sort of look with flats from Birdies Slippers because they are seriously the cutest with those tassels and quilted insole, and are just SO much for comfortable than your average work pump or regular flat. They also pair well with everything from casual denim to skirts and dresses.
  4. Start fresh with a new manicure: if you can schedule a half hour manicure over the weekend I promise you will feel like a million bucks on Monday morning. There’s just something about getting a fresh mani and not having the worry about your chipped (unprofessional) nails or the business meetings that are creeping up later this week. For $30, I visit my local nail bar twice a month and typically opt for a clean, polished look that I know will be appropriate no matter what personal or business functions come up (usually get OPI, color: ‘Let’s be friends’).
  5. Bags be gone!: I like to top things off with a pair of sunnies to disguise my tired eyes! Especially if I’ve got to run somewhere and don’t want to spend the extra time doing my makeup. Of course, if you’re headed to the office you probably need a little something and in that case a little mascara and concealer on your under eye should do the trick. In case you’re looking for sunglasses, I got these ones from Joe Fresh for $22, they look just like the designer pair that costs triple the price.

What helps you get through Mondays?

This post was brought to you by Birdies Slippers.
Photography by: Allison Kuhl 


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