I mentioned that our house won’t be ready for us to move into until likely the first week of Sept, so we’ve have to adjust our plans to bring home baby, accordingly. Obviously I had visions of setting up their nursery and having everything perfectly organized but life had other plans. Not the end of the world, just have to go with it. I decided the best way forward was to only set up the bare minimum needed, since we are working in tight quarters (not to mention half of our apartment is packed up for the move). My biggest thing is feeling comfortable, so for the most part, our bedroom has stayed the same as usual. We will be essentially moving all the furniture etc into the spare bedroom in the new house, so it’s not like anything in there can get packed up for now anyways.

What I did do, is set up the baby’s bassinet beside my side of the bed as well as create a mini baby station to house anything and everything we could need in that regard. I also removed my stack of books from the bottom shelving of my bedside table and instead put any post-natal care for me (like instant ice maxi pads, boy short disposable underwear, washable bra pads etc.) down there so it’s easily accessible. Other than that, all we really need for baby is the stroller which we set up and is ready + waiting in what use to be my office (now our storage room full of boxes).

+ set up the snoo smart sleeper: a bit of an investment, but I’ve been hearing nothing but amazing things about this baby bassinet. We did order a crib for the baby’s room, but for now we will use the bassinet and then transition into the crib later. Since we found out we wouldn’t be moving as soon as originally planned, having a bassinet set up right beside my side of the bed makes more sense anyways. I didn’t really get why the snoo was accompanied with the price tag it is, but there’s actually more to it than meets the eye. First off, it’s basically a bassinet with a built-in swaddle inside that zip’s baby in so it feels safe + cozy while sleeping (also prevents the risk of SIDS). The bassinet is plugged into the wall and connected to an app that you can download on your phone, so it tracks everything from baby’s movement, breathing and level of fussiness – which is where the real magic happens. If / when baby gets fussy, it turns on the motion setting, gently rocking baby back to sleep. The motion settings mimic the feeling of being in the womb (progressively increasing to also mimic stroller and car rides etc) and can also turn on it’s built-in sound machine to calm, shush and relax baby. It automatically tracks baby’s behaviours and can be set to soothe accordingly, or you can manual adjust the settings from your phone. We’re really curious to see how well it works & will most definitely report back.

+ baby station: to avoid having baby stuff EVERYWHERE, I set up a utility cart I already had in my office, next to my bed loaded with everything baby might need for feedings, changing and bath time. I’ve stocked it with diapers, wipes, extra soothers, bath & burp clothes and extra swaddles. I also got these cute storage baskets from H&M Home to house bath washcloths, bath towels and baby shampoo.

+ stroller: we went with the Fox2 stroller from Bugaboo because it’s super lightweight and compact. It’s also got large tires and all-wheel suspension so you could take it on everything from walks in the city, to the park, on hikes and even to the beach (tires work in the sand), so there’s really no limit as to where you can or can’t take baby. It’s super easy to set-up and fold-away for storage, too. We didn’t feel like we needed a stroller with a double-seat option, so this one fit the bill for us (not to mention, it’s the most beautiful stroller on the market IMO).

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