If you aren’t aware by now, I am unapologetically obsessed with my pup. His name is Xavi (pronounced ‘cha-vy’) and he will be 2 years old this December. He has quickly become the centre of our universe and pretty much runs the show around here. Looking back now, I realize that he came to us when my world got kind of flipped upside down (to keep this blog from becoming a place of ho-hummery, I’m choosing not to focus or speak on the negatives) and he’s been right by my side providing a nice, happy distraction.

He is the most sweetest, cuddliest, affectionate, loving, hilarious dog I’ve ever met. Truth be told, he is both mine and my husbands first dog so there was a MASSIVE learning curve involved. Thankfully, he’s been relatively easy and he’s definitely getting more mature (aka calming the fuck down) the older he gets. While so many of my friends and family have been starting their families etc. I realize now that I needed him to teach me a thing or two before we even pass go on the next level. Scroll down for some reasons my dog has made me a better human.

Xavi is wearing HOUND Collection: leash & harness | I am wearing: Native boots


  1. He’s made me less selfish: since it’s just me and hubs, we’ve been afforded the absolute luxury of doing what we want, when we want without anyone else having a damn to say about it. When we brought him home at 8 weeks I was forced to get out of selfish mode and think about how the hell I was going to make this work. Much like when you bring home a baby, I changed, shifted and juggled my schedule to now include walks, potty breaks and lots of outside play-time.
  2. He gets me outside: I love what I do, so it’s soooo V easy to fall into hours of work and no break. If it were up to me I prob wouldn’t even take a break, which let’s be honest isn’t the healthiest. Xavi forces me to schedule in walks and play time outside a couple times a day. My wellness is a priority to me but having this extra time outside is just as much for me as it is for him.
  3. He’s taught me real love: there’s NOTHING like coming home after a long day, or better yet from a work trip after a few days and have this guy greet you at the door. It’s like he’s won the lottery in dog treats and peanut butter. Priceless. No matter what day it is or what horrific events have taken place, he makes everything better.
  4. He makes me be more conscious of my energy: sounds a bit silly but animals do react and act off of your energy. I’ve watched enough Cesar Milan to know that the energy you give off is mimicked through the behaviour of your dog. Without really realizing it, the days I was tense, stressed or short tempered it showed in his behaviour. He’d be more difficult to walk (on his leash), more hyper and not the greatest listener. Through being aware of my own energy and the energy I’m giving off to everyone around me, I’ve practiced more patience and become a much better leader for him. In turn, he’s been an angel, is a million times better on his leash, listens and most importantly respects his place in our family and home.


Images: Melissa Skoda


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