We all know I love a good refreshment in the afternoons. I love my coffee, but don’t always want to rely on that to get me through the day. Especially during summer, it’s so nice to have a crisp + refreshing beverage on hand, that’s actually good for you.

I have a few different water / sports drinks on rotation (basically this one, the ACV drink, various club soda drinks and kombucha to name a few)


+ glass
+ straw
+ ice (optional, if you don’t want to enjoy this)
+ a lemon
+ fresh water
+ collagen powder (I use this one)
+ shaker cup

While this is a simple and obvious “recipe” to make, I’m giving you specific directions on how I like to enjoy it. There’s no skirting around ‘enjoying’ healthy decisions in my life, so unless I’m actually into it I’m probably not doing it consistently! I need to find ways to make it enjoyable so it’s something I can actually incorporate regularly.

I should also note — you don’t need all these things above. By all means, you certainly don’t need a shaker cup, but I can be a baby when it comes to funny tastes etc. so to be sure the collagen powder is fully dissolved this is my go-to way to make it.


  1. fill ice in cup (I prefer to drink only out of glass, tastes better IMO)
  2. cut fresh lemon in half (right down middle, width way) and cut a few slices to throw into your glass. *I believe the lemon helps to offset ANY taste, should there be any. It’s also great for digestion & your skin.
  3. in a shaker cup, add 1-2 scoops of collagen powder, add water and shake with lid on.
  4. pour diluted water over ice + lemon and enjoy!



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