Having long hair requires some serious maintenance. So to keep it under control I’ve developed some healthy habits; starting with regular washes, conditioning treatments and clean eating. I say clean eating bc I know without tweaking my diet to include lots of leafy greens and glowing smoothies (hate to break it to ya) I wouldn’t be writing this post right now.

Asia Herrmann is in charge of my hair at Brush Salon. She’s the cutest and so good at what she does, her IG is @lilasiahair. When I first came to Brush two years ago, my hair was straggly and practically dead from years of abuse. Fast forward to now, my hair has come a long way. So far, in fact that I took out the extensions I thought I needed (you know, for those full, luscious locks) months ago and you can’t even tell! My hair is thicker, fuller and much healthier overall.

There are a few things I can thank for my hair health:
1. Brush Salon (for monthly cuts, conditioning treatments & educating me on what my hair needs and how to take care of it)
2. Regular maintenance & conditioning (regular washing schedule and weekly at home hair masks)
3. Lots of glowing green smoothies (my recipe here)


I’m often dm’d asking what I get done to my hair, so here’s the deal in case you are looking for something similar to mine.

4 things to ask for:

  1. A full head of baby lights: for a natural grow out.
  2. Olaplex treatment: helps prevent hair from breakage and dryness.
  3. A toner: to blend the baby lights with natural hair.
  4. A blunt haircut: I love a blunt chop to keep things nice and tidy and your hair super healthy!

Have a good weekend!! If you have any more hair Q’s let me know XO

Photography by: Melissa Skoda 


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