Baby Socias,

I just got home from my very last doctors apt. to check on you. As usual, all of our vitals came back perfect and you sounded great on the heart monitor. The doctors always joke about how you sound like a galloping horse, your heartbeat is so strong. You haven’t moved an inch, which I knew you wouldn’t – although we held out hope you might. You’re just so cozy in there! You’ve been moving around A LOT, mainly in the evening right when I’ve decided it’s time to put my feet up.

All in all, you’ve been such a good baby, I just know you’ll be the same once you are here in our world. Your daddy and I are SOOO excited to meet you. We talk for hours about what we think you’ll be like, who you might look like and how our lives will change (in the very best way) once you are here with us. We’ve got our little apartment ready for your arrival, all your clothes have been washed, car seat is good-to-go and your dad has been test driving the stroller most nights with Xavi so he knows what’s up. Even he, knows you’re on your way. All throughout my pregnancy, he would come up on the couch and snuggle into my belly to cuddle with you. He’s going to be such a good big brother and your biggest protector.

You’ve given me such an easy, magical pregnancy, I am truly grateful! Not everyone is so lucky. It’s made me really appreciate this special time with you and even though I haven’t even met you yet, I feel like we’re bonded. Throughout my pregnancy, some of my favourite things to eat/drink have been fresh fruits (you are obsessed with watermelon – feels like you’re break dancing in there whenever I eat it) like cherries, watermelon, strawberries, blueberries and pineapple. At the beginning of my pregnancy you really had me craving tropical juices and açai bowls for days. Aside from that, I’ve been eating my usual favourites like fresh salads, fish, nuts and the occasional A&W drive-thru. The biggest grief you gave me over the last 9 months was one week of morning sickness and one-ish week of insane heartburn and acid reflux – which I would take any day. I’ve still been sleeping 8-9 hours a night (with a trip or two to the bathroom) so my energy is still going strong. I was very sleepy during the first trimester and took naps with Xavi almost every afternoon. Thank you for letting me get lots of sleep through the third trimester so that I can focus on wrapping up my work obligations, and spend more time with YOU when you’re here.

We are ALL just so excited to meet you! You have a very big family and a huge support system already – everyone’s been counting down the days and making plans to get to know you. Only a few more sleeps until you make your debut, and we are starting to have a hard time sleeping just thinking about you.

Can’t wait to meet you, angel baby!! xx


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