A big part of my morning routine includes our dog.
My husband leaves for work before I get up, so it’s Xavi who greets me every morning first thing. Our mornings go a little something like this…

I get up at 7 and make the bed immediately.
I head to the bathroom to wash my face with cool water then apply my serums & SPF (no makeup yet, if any).
Next, to the kitchen to make a coffee and read a few pages in peace. Before I make my coffee, the king has his breakfast before running back to his bed for a nap.

Once I feel more alive (see coffee + reading), I’ll change out of my robe and into a pair of leggings, grab my sunnies, make another coffee to-go and head out the door for our morning walk. It’s easily one of my favourite parts of the day. The weather has been getting warmer, everything’s in bloom, the birds are chirping, so it truly feels like an escape to just take a walk each morning.

By the time we get home, I feel a total reset. This time I’ve carved out in the mornings allows me to clear my head, set my intentions for the day and decide on what I want to achieve for the day/week.

Having been working from home over the last, close to five years I’ve had to figure out ways for me to feel energized and motivated in the mornings. Otherwise, it can be VERY easy for the hours to roll into each other without completing a single task. In my job, if I’m not working NOBODY IS, so it’s especially important to not waste any time. But instead, find ways to maximize efficiency and feeling my best.

Speaking of, here are a few things that keep Xavi feeling his best these days! Also, the raincoat I’m wearing above is from Noize, wearing a size small, its on sale now, linked here.


Xavi’s leash & collar set he’s wearing above is from Hound Collection & we’ve linked them here:
black leather leash & black leather collar

we have something fun going on now with HOUND Collection so hop over to my Instagram for details!


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