I’m patiently waiting for my beloved Peach season to arrive but in the meantime, I’ve already found myself a new summer refresher! I have always loved sipping on a cold glass of iced tea, especially during the summer months but as I’ve grown older my taste buds have changed and I have found most iced teas to be too sweet or added with too many artificial flavors. Today, I am so excited to be partnering with Pure Leaf Canada for the launch of the 1.75L bottle, perfect for sipping and sharing with family and friends.

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To break it down for you, I like my tea REAL. Like brewed from real tea leaves, steeped in water and bottled without adding any color or artificial ingredients, real.

I love that Pure Leaf Peach is light and refreshing (but not too sweet) so I can enjoy it anytime. My favourite way to drink it is pure and simple as it comes, topped with ice. If I was feeling adventurous or entertaining company I’d add a slice of lemon and a couple mints leaves for a fresh, delicious twist.

Have you tried Pure Leaf Peach yet?!
If you have any questions, leave them below. Happy Friday and thanks so much for reading!

This post was brought to you by Pure Leaf Canada.
Photography: Allison Kuhl 


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