I’ve been working to perfect my skincare routine for SOME TIME NOW. Years, actually and it’s still very much a work in progress. I guess you can tell I spend a lot of time and energy on it because I’ve been getting lots of comments about it. Everything from what kind of routine I keep, to which products I use, to questions about whether I’ve had fillers or botox.

I’m proud to report I’m still a filler/botox virgin — there’s no judgement here, but it does seem like everyone’s been doing it lately. Maybe I’m just at the age where that fork in the road begins. Before I decide to go that route (because hey, never say never) I’ve taken it upon myself to be extremely proactive and preventative in my approach to skincare and beauty in general.

I shared a poll on Stories recently asking what you guys were most interested in reading about: A) An updated skincare routine, B) My skin issues + tips & tricks I’ve learned from Project Skin, or C) Both. Not totally surprisingly, the vast majority of you voted for both so here’s the backstory for reference.


Rewind to around 2015-ish when I started experiencing a couple different skin issues. I had developed mild malasma above my upper lip and was also dealing with monthly spurts of painful cystic pimples around my chin area.

After consulting my doctor about both she recommended that I take my concerns to a dermatologist. Re: the malasma, my doctor also warned me that I might want to consider an alternative method of birth control. The combination of taking the pill, sun exposure and my history of migraines made me a real candidate for a stroke, so I decided to get off the pill and switch to a copper IUD. I’ve always heard horror stories about IUD’s but I’ve never experienced any issues at all.

Next, I scheduled an appointment for a consultation with a dermatologist at Project Skin. We ran an initial skin test to see what my sun damage was like, which was slightly horrific and puts things into perspective REAL FAST and went over things like my current skincare regime/products, my skin issues and where I was looking to see improvements.

They put together a custom skincare program for me to follow, day and night using products from Skinceuticals. After my initial consultation, Dr. McGillivray also got me to start applying Tactu Pump (cream) a few times a week to help detoxify & lift the bacteria to the surface of the skin and help get to the root of the issue. In terms of treatments, they recommended a series of V-beam lasers to help kill the bacteria, lighten scarring and improve the skins texture and elasticity.

That was back in 2016. Although my skin is so much better than it was back then, it’s still a work in progress that I need help to maintain. Since I still am getting these breakouts from time to time they’ve got me back using Tactu Pump to help reset & flush out the bacteria and we’ve schedule our next laser treatment to begin the process.

I’m so excited to get my skin prepped for summer and looking its best, I promise to share this process with you as I go through it. Until then, here’s a peek at my skincare routine and what products I’m currently using:


Wash face with Skinceuticals Simply Clean Gel Cleanser
Apply H.A. Intensifier Serum to face
Apply Skinceuticals Face Cream over entire face to lock in serum (before applying makeup)
A spritz of rose or coconut water to entire face

Wash face with Skinceuticals Simply Clean Gel Cleanser
Apply Hydrating B5 Gel Serum
Apply Skinceutical Eye Balm
Apply Skinceuticals Face Cream or Metacell Renewal B3 to lock everything in before bed
Apply Antioxidant Lip Repair to lips



Keep a consistent routine: their biggest piece of advice was probably to keep a really consistent skincare routine. Meaning, every morning and night you are following a step-by-step process of products to balance, replenish & hydrate the skin.

It’s not all outer: it’s important to asses what you are putting inside your body as well as on the outside of it. I took inventory of what we were keeping in our kitchen and did a clean sweep. I make sure we are fueling up on loads of leafy greens and healthy smoothies throughout the week so our skin is getting the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Get your beauty sleep: you hear this one and you probably laugh but it’s so true! Beauty sleep is totally a thing and something you should get as much of as you can. Since we don’t have kids yet we clock in around 8 hours every night and I can tell you when I don’t, it definitely shows on my face.

Drink your collagen: I started taking collagen powder in my water every morning when I first started coming to Project Skin. They introduced me to TruMarine Collagen and I’ve never looked back. It’s great if you suffer from arthritis or to aid against inflammation and joint pain. I figure it can’t hurt so I take it strictly as a preventative measure.

If you are looking to learn more, just an FYI that everyone is able to book a free initial consultation with Project Skin’s Patient Concierge Jeannie and establish a treatment plan to help you achieve your desired results. Feel free to visit Project Skin online to schedule a your consultation here.

For more info on my skincare story or my experience with Project Skin, you can search ‘Skincare’ or ‘Project Skin’ in the search bar. As always, I love hearing from you so feel free to leave your comments/questions below!


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