Trust me when I tell you — getting dinner on the table often involves a ride on the struggle bus, especially when juggling careers, dogs, and opposite schedules. So back in January, while on holiday in Mexico my husband and I had a long convo about how we could (attempt to) make like easier in 2018. One solution involved taking a look at how we were doing our dinner preps. As most anyone knows, planning out meals for the week means; time, strategizing lists, coupons, recipes, getting & buying all those necessary ingredients then hoping you don’t let it go to waste — another topic we took a deep dive into. Being a blogger I get packages sent ALL. THE. TIME. Most of which are delivered in an unnecessary amount of plastic, cardboard and other packaging materials that tend to end up in the garbage. If we can avoid it, we try to limit our waste as much as we can. It’s crazy when you actually start paying attention and realize just how much waste you consume, on a daily basis. I’ve already started asking brands to only send what they feel is absolutely necessary when sending over a Media delivery.

But back to dinner. After our talk I started researching different options for us and came across Fresh Prep, a Vancouver-based meal delivery service. My mom had been ordering from another company for months since my parents separated to make like easier for her and my brother and sister and they had been loving it. Fresh Prep was local, which meant all their ingredients and produce came from farms in my community. Even their meats are sourced locally and raised without unnecessary antibiotics or hormones.

We started ordering two meals per week back in January and haven’t stopped since. Mainly because, it honestly makes the most sense for us! It’s quick and easy, you pick your meals for the week, your meals are delivered even if you aren’t home, you’re getting high quality, fresh ingredients (organic, as much as possible) and it’s affordable. We crunched the numbers and it works out to actually be cheaper than if we were to buy the ingredients to makes these types of meals — because you’d end up wasting so much! Which, come to think of it is probably why I’ve never ventured outside my handful of “weeknight meals”.

I’ve been able to try making new and different meals each week, I keep the recipes and pick and choose the items we love and recreate our own meals. It’s taught me different cooking techniques and honestly, it’s been nice to be able to try making them without feeling like everything will go to waste if it doesn’t work out. With Fresh Prep you follow a super simple recipe card that comes with each meal, so it’s practically impossible to fail!

Make life easier on yourself! If you want to try out Fresh Prep and order some for your household, you can use my code: THEWORKINGGIRL18 at checkout.


Photography: Melissa Skoda 



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