We are away at our family cabin on the gulf islands for the long weekend, buuuuut most weekends I like to dedicate a little time to myself to recharge. I think it’s important to take care of yourself; mind, body, soul — Cheesy, but true. I’ll usually set aside some time on a Sunday to sit and read in my robe, do a face mask, take a bath and just chill the f*ck out and pamper myself. I feel like now’s the time before we get hit with kids, I know my (free) time is numbered. [sidenote: no kids yet! But we do want to start a family soon so it is being discussed]

I recently got introduced to a Canadian skincare company called Midnight Paloma. I was initially pulled in by their gorgeous branding (from the type on the packaging to their colour palette to the bottles that carry their liquid magic — it’s all good) but the fact that they focus on clean beauty was a plus. I’ve listed out what I’ve been using below in case you are looking for a recommended natural beauty brand:


+ Rose Quartz Facial Roller
+ Charcoal & Rose Detox Mask
+ Sweet Almond & Carrot Seed Face Serum
+ Bath & Body Trio


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