You’ve probably heard me talk alot on stories about building a new brand website over the last 9 months – it’s because I have! I’ve been working closely with Chloé Digital since last year to create the ultimate online destination for TheWorkingGirl.ca.

But first, a bit of back-story.

When I started my blog in 2014, I was broke and couldn’t afford to do anything fancy or complicated so I signed up for a free WordPress site, set-up the cheapest hosting I could find and grabbed my friend who knew a bit about graphic design to whip up a simple logo and help me customize that template. Now, when I say customize, I literally mean customizing the color palette and adding in my logo. I couldn’t afford anything beyond that and TBH, that site has served me well until this day. When you’re first starting out, you really don’t need much. The main thing is having a platform to start writing and crafting your brand.

Last year, I knew I wanted to finally invest some money into my site. Sort of, bring it to the next-level. After all, my website and blog serve as the hub and umbrella of my brand and what I will use to continue to build out my business moving forward. After running my site for the last 8 years I knew what was working, what was lacking and had clarity on what I wanted to create.

My new blog is complete with personal branding details, a well-designed layout and customized shopping capabilities. The purpose, was to create a platform that was well organized, easy to navigate and that served my readers with the utmost value. Over the next couple days I will be giving you a personal tour of the full site and capabilities so you can learn how everything now works and get familiar with the new + improved layout.

I’m super proud of the end result and couldn’t have done any of this without my team at Chloé Digital, who’ve spent countless hours/weeks/months on the phone with me, deciphering every detail inside my brain to make it happen – and with the 9-hour time difference between Vancouver and London, that was no easy feat!

Thank you so much for visiting! I hope you stick around and come by more often.

Welcome to my new site! xx


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