It’s finally here! Today we launched our five-piece jewelry collection over a fabulous garden-style lunch to celebrate. I can’t tell you the thrill of counting down the minutes until officially releasing your product into the world. A rush of excitement but also coupled with nerves because you never really know how your product is going to be received. A real humbling moment of terror.

Months of hard work, high hopes, big dreams, challenges, setbacks, adjustments, again and again until it’s just right. I’ve already detailed a lot about the collection, so today’s post will focus more on party elements from the launch.

Breaking down the details all in one place:

Balloon garland for garden party lunch
Vancouver Candle Co
Lavender and Grace
long table design
custom menu card for long table garden lunch
long table garden party lunch
how to make a hanging floral garland
dainty layered jewelry display
Jewelry merch display
The Daydreamer Collection
Candy bar by Karameller Candy Shop
vegan sugar cookies by The Cake Mama
branded tissue paper
party favours and sugar cookies


When it comes to finding the perfect party space, there are certain things I look for — food, service and atmosphere.

So, it was an easy choice to partner with Glowbal Group at their Georgia St. Glowbal Restaurant downtown. I worked with them on a capsule I launched in 2016, so I was already well versed in their exceptional service and accommodating nature.

Glowbal has a huge patio section (technically) outside, except it’s enclosed with heaters and two huge fireplaces. Think green house vibes! It was raining outside, but the atmosphere inside was super chill and cozy. Totally lent itself to my garden style theme, with lots of natural light.


We created custom menus for our lunch at Glowbal. More than just hosting something casual, I wanted to create an ‘experience’ for our guests, so we agreed to host a 3-course lunch.

From the food to the level of service, Glowbal delivered a top notch experience and were absolutely lovely to work with. No surprise there, though.


Tabletop decor: I love a good long-table situation. There’s just something so visually appealing about a styled tabletop for twelve.

Each place setting included a custom name cards designed by Maurelle Calligraphy. Doing assigned seating makes your job as hostess so much easier and IMO, having a dedicated name card also just makes the event feel more special and personal.

Florals: Instead of your typical stuffy floral arrangement I decided to round up lots of different tones of pinks and purples and scatter flower heads down the centre of the table.

The other way I used florals was by stringing them to hang above the long-table. I’ve included a simple guide below on how to make them. Way easier than you think!

Dessert station: For a personal touch we had vegan sugar cookies made with our logos. Seriously how cute were they? And because of my sweet tooth, I cant throw a party without a candy bar from Karameller Candy Shop.

Gifting our guests: Remember when you were a kid and you went to a birthday party and left with a loot bag full of goodies? Those were THE BEST. I use to love making mine up with my mom for my own birthday parties growing up. We use to go to Target to raid the $2 bins for treasures and treats for my friends. This, would be the adult version. If there’s one thing I love about hosting is thinking of what I will be gifting my guests.

We knew we wanted our friends to go home with two pieces of jewelry from our collection, but aside from that I wanted to gift my guests with a few of my favourite things. This included; a beautiful handmade candle from Vancouver Candle Co., a roller remedy from Saje Wellness, two hydrating lip balms from my collection with Eos #eosflavorlab and a few sugar cookies by The Cake Mama.

Added visuals: in terms of table design, I wanted the florals (both the centrepiece florals and the hanging florals) to draw the eye to a balloon garland by Balloon Place. Underneath the balloon garland, we had what was a floor decal, mounted to the wall reading ‘Hello Daydreamer’. Victoria Senges created this cute little floor decal to encourage an Instagram moment.

Merchandising section: since we had launched earlier in the morning, we wanted to showcase our collection for our guests to preview, so we set up a merch section inside the space including all five of our pieces.

Scroll down for DIY flower garlands:

how to make a hanging flower garland
styled long table garden party
how to make a hanging flower garland


What you’ll need:

  1. flowers (lots)
  2. clear fishing wire
  3. long-ish sewing needle

What to do:

  1. cut flowers right at the head and put into bowls so you can see what colors you’re working with.
  2. make a knot at each end so you don’t loose any of your flowers.
  3. string needle / wire through each flower head.

How many flowers, what color combos and how extravagant you wanna make them if up to you. They were relatively simple to make, the hardest part was transporting them in my car downtown to the venue! They can get tangled super easily but I ended up using my clothing rack to hang them up neatly pre-lunch event.

I stuck mainly with using carnations or flowers that looked similar because they were inexpensive and easy to string without falling apart. You can find them at any local grocery store, florist or floral wholesalers. Even Costco carries carnations with options to buy 100+ if you were looking to make a statement! I think I ended up using close to 200 flowers for my hanging garlands. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!


Venue + Food: Glowbal Restaurant
Balloons: Balloon Place
Floor decal: Victoria Senges Design Co.
Candles: Vancouver Candle Co.
Name cards: Maurelle Calligraphy
Candy bar: Karameller Candy Shop
Vegan Sugar Cookies: The Cake Mama
Gorgeous photography: Melissa Skoda


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