As cliche as this entire season is, I couldn’t love it more. It’s crisp air meets warm sun, cozy layers, scary movies, seasonal traditions including trips to the patch.. the list goes on. Being one of my all-time favourite seasons of the year, I thought it was only appropriate to share my checklist:

  1. Farmer’s market haul: I love heading to the farmers market to grab fresh, seasonal produce and baked goods to enjoy over the weekend.
  2. Fall fashion: the best.
  3. Visiting the patch: this year my sister & I went during Thanksgiving (Canada – US is in Nov), we picked out our pumpkins, sipped on cider & even cruised around the grounds on the hay ride. Never too old.
  4. Homemade apple cider: we love creating a cozy atmosphere at home which usually includes lots of yummy candles but there’s nothing quite like simmering some homemade apple cider on the stovetop! It fills your home up with the most delicious (and completely nostalgic) smells of fall.
  5. Candy apples: it’s tradition in October for us to whip up some candy apples for movie night. It’s so fun bc you can customize each one with different toppings & garnishes, eat it whole or cut them up and keep refrigerated for a snack later.
  6. Carving pumpkins: yes, we still carve pumpkins.. but mostly now it’s for the seeds. I looove baking pumpkin seeds & make all different combinations (some sweet, some savoury)
  7. Scary movies: always loved scary movies and thrillers so we’ve got a long list!
  8. Giving thanks: in Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving in October. I used to be annoyed that the US & Canada don’t share the same holiday but as I get older I love that ours falls in October when the weather is the best, and it also gives us a little break between Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities.
  9. Apple crumble: my mom makes the worlds best apple/berry crumble. I’m thinking I need to swipe her recipe and recreate them for our little fam at home.
  10. Getting cozy: if you notice anything on my IG feed its that I LOVE getting cozy. I live for it. The house must be neat and tidy but creating a cozy atmosphere sits high at the top of my list, simply because we are homebodies and enjoy spending time together at home – especially during the winter months. There’s nothing better.

Here’s to a beautiful fall season!


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