Being from a place where 4 seasons exist, there are def certain things I look forward to each month and season. Changes in the weather, good or bad influence the feel of that particular time, Fall being one of the most gorgeous seasons of the whole year. Scroll down for 10 things I love about October:

What I’m Wearing: Tank | Knit Cardi | Sweats | Shoes | Sunnies | Coffee


  1. Layers: don’t get me wrong, I love a light + simple summer wardrobe but bring on the warm knits and all the cozies. October is the perfect weather to dress, cool enough to need a few light layers but warm enough to not need a bulky coat. When shopping I always try to invest in buying pieces (of neutral colour) that can be mixed and matched and worn together in different ways. When you can easily create multiple looks with just a few pieces, you’ve won.
  2. Temp shift: September is still usually pretty warm in Vancouver but it starts to get chilly in October. Unless we get rain, you can expect a month of clear blue skies, crisp air and lots of sunshine.
  3. Light a new scent: since it’s officially the season to get cozy and begin our hibernation (homebodies, hello) I love to start the season with a couple new candles. I am OBSESSED with having candles lit around the house, bc 1) it creates a relaxing ambiance 2) fills our home with amazing fresh scents 3) act as pretty decor.
  4. Home refresh: usually every season we do a big clean/purge to refresh our space and reset for the new season. We get pretty neurotic around here, but I like to go through everything (in closets/drawers/under sinks etc) to make sure things are being used and/or have purpose otherwise we donate to local charities or pass on to friends/family. We normally switch our bedding over to a warmer duvet this time of the year and bring out our warm blankets again from storage. Basically anything I can do to make our living space more comfortable I try to do.
  5. Making apple cider: as much as I love apple cider, half of the fun is letting it simmer on the stove. Fills the house with the most amazing + nostalgic smell and super easy to make.
  6. Thanksgiving: we celebrate Thanksgiving long-weekend in October in Canada and I wouldn’t want it any other way.
  7. Fall treats: never mind all the Halloween candy, I’m talking caramel apples + candy corn.
  8. Pumpkin spice: you either love or hate it. While I’m not a huge fan of pumpkin (aka sweet) candles, who doesn’t love a good pumpkin spiced latte. Come October, we definitely indulge.
  9. Visiting the patch: I don’t even have kids yet but one way or another, I end up at the patch every year.
  10. Scary Movies: we love scary movies at our house. We’ve seen them all, so leave me any goodies below!

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  1. I love layers too! The crispness of fall is the best. I love to get cozy at home and light a yummy fall scented candle!

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