Fighting for change takes a lot of energy and is, as we’ve come to learn, not a job for the faint of heart. While I’m so happy to see progress being made through protests, petitions and public outcries, this is only the beginning of a long road to doing what’s right.

During times of intense change or uncertainty it’s normal to feel a bit off or drained of your energy. I know I do. Over the years I’ve developed some tools that help me rest and reset my energy so I can continue the good fight for social justice. Just as it’s important that we collectively get involved and take a stand for what’s right, it’s equally as important that we keep our energy up so that we can follow-through effectively.


Hydrate: fatigue is often related to dehydration, which is why I always have my water bottle filled over ice. The only thing I really drink besides coffee / tea is water, which I like to sip on throughout the day. I also love to do a lemon, collagen water (I use Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides) to help brighten my skin and strengthen my hair and nails.

Another water beverage I’m obsessed with (if you’re getting bored) is the Apple Cider Vinegar recipe I’ve shared countless times on stories — originally shared by Lauryn from The Skinny Confidential. It’s just a tbsp. ACV, 1/2 cup organic pure lime juice, fresh water & cayenne pepper, over tons of ice. It kind of reminds me of a skinny margarita summer cocktail and I love this in the afternoons when I need a little (hydrating) pick-me-up.

Sleep: this is probably the most overlooked beauty tip of all. It is crucial that we get at least 7 hours of good sleep each night so that our cells have time/energy to regenerate. Skin can often look ‘haggard’ or lifeless when we aren’t getting enough sleep. Obviously, if you have children this one is a little harder…

I have a FitBit so my sleep habits get tracked. I can see exactly how long I slept and the quality of my sleep each night. Being aware of this information helps me adjust my routines and behaviours accordingly.

I think what’s also helped us have been little things like:

  • running a humidifier in our bedroom
  • closing the drapes fully
  • sleeping with the window open for a cool environment
  • running a diffuser with yummy essential oils
  • using a ‘rain’ app. We use ‘Rain Rain’ (free app) for different rain sounds to play on a timer so it’s not running all night. So peaceful to fall asleep to!

Time-out: when I start to feel overwhelmed I give myself a time-out. For me, this is usually when I need to tap out and take a hot bath or shower, maybe even read of few pages of my book to get my thoughts and mindset into focus. Gone are the days I’d try to fight this feeling and continue working & getting nowhere. This way, I surrender, relax, let go and restart.

Bath + reading is probably my favourite way to unwind or de-stress and I like to follow that up with some skincare. Lately I’ve been OBSESSED with Elemis’ Pro-Collagen Rose Cleansing Balm topped with Herbivore’s Orchid Facial Oil. This combo ensures I wake up with baby soft, bright & dewy skin.

Move: I’m use to doing more high intensity workouts like boxing, but since being in quarantine that’s all changed. I’ve openly discussed how working out is more for my mental state than my physical being. It’s been a way for me to express frustration/stress and release negative energy.

When everything shut down, (including my gyms) I was a little lost for a week of two but then picked up an old yoga video I’d had from university and started doing that to start my day. I have to say I’ve really been into the routine of stretching & breathing to start the day. The meditation aspect of yoga has also brought a lot of clarity and peacefulness into my week.



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