I run my skincare routine like a tight ship. It’s no secret after two years of taking religious care of my skin, I’ve seen some major results. If you’re just catching up you can read my journey here and here!

Of course, like anything else it’s a work in progress and something that will require continued maintenance and consistency.

While the products I use are definitely pricey, they are all products that I swear by and have had visible results with. Whether in life or business, your face is your first impression and the first thing that people see, so investing in the right products that will allow for fresh, healthy, glowing skin and that in turn help me feel good on the inside just as much as the outside is something worth investing in, in my opinion.

I ran a poll recently on my Instagram and the results showed that there is still some curiosity about what I do and what I use, so I thought I’d recap with a quick guide for your reference. There are so many (amazing) products on the market, it can be confusing to know where to start or what you should be using — which is exactly why I’ve been going to see the MD’s over at Project Skin to help me out. They know my skin history and the issues I’ve faced in the past and have recommended this routine and products to help improve on areas that we’ve discussed together. If you don’t have access to support like this, I’m hoping you will reach out and DM me so that I can help to guide you or help you determine what products might work for you. I’m no doctor or expert in the field, I can only speak for my experiences and what I’ve tried firsthand! Without further adieu….

Here are the 5-steps I do each and every morning:

Step ONE: Wash face w/ cold water + Simply Clean face cleanser. Pat softly to dry.
Step TWO: Apply 3-4 drops of Vitamin C aka: C E Ferulic.
Step THREE: Apply 3-4 drops of H.A. Intensifier.
Step Four: Apply Eye Balm under eye to brighten eyes and nourish skin.
Step Five: Finish w/ Triple Age Defence Face Cream to lock in the moisture.



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