I’m a huge lover of interiors and design, so I was so excited to have recently partnered with La-Z-Boy Canada to create a room design inside one of their Vancouver brick-and-mortar locations. Part of the reason I love my job so much is having the shot at opportunities to expand the portfolios of my passions. Design, being a big one. While I have taken liberties over the last four years to tweak our own home, it’s definitely been a process and I’ve learned a lot along the way.

We moved into our condo four years ago and what we quickly learned is that after purchasing, we weren’t left with a ton to work with when it came to design. So, like most other young people who are starting out and striving for a stylish space, we took our hard earned dollars to the Ikeas’, the Targets’, Homesense and even browsed through The Brick to see our options (not that there’s anything wrong with The Brick, it’s just not my style). We ended up investing in a good quality sectional and custom bed frame but everything outside of that we got from places like HomeSense (Home Goods in the US) where our money could go further on things like decor. It’s taken us about four years to really learn about our space, find our style and get it right. To be honest, the sofa was the most difficult item to buy because while you want it to look great and accommodate your space, it is the most popular seat of the house so comfort and quality are super important if you want it to last.

While this type of purchase seems like a hard hit in the beginning, one thing to think about is the lifetime of that piece of furniture. I would hope that when I’m spending $1,000+ on something like a living room sofa that it’s going to last the entirety of our stay but that’s not always the case! Trust me, we were tempted to buy from Ikea (because we like their design & price point) but when it came to the product lifetime we weren’t sure it would last the five years we’d hoped we’d be in our condo before moving on into a bigger home.

Now, I’m sure I can speak for most of us when I politely say that when we think of La-Z-Boy, we automatically think of Grandpa’s recliner but let me tell you, the brand has evolved a lot over the past couple of years and have given their product line & designs a major facelift. While they still do carry a wide selection of comfortable recliners (much more stylish than Grandpas) they also have their entire floor filled with sofa’s, tables, light fixtures and other items and accessories to fill your space.

If any of you are in the market for a new sofa, the infographic below might be of help to you to figure out which way to go and to really see how far your investment will last:

Styling this space was so much fun. For a change I decided to go with a darker, more masculine palette and add in lots of textures and natural details. I actually started with the sofa and artwork — which I’m OBSESSED with — and built out the rest of the room. Scroll down to watch our video + more on my La-Z-Boy room design:


Click over to my YouTube channel to see more of my La-Z-Boy room design + styling tips.

This post is in collaboration with La-Z-Boy. As always, all opinions are my own.
Video Production: A Moment Created
Photography: Christine Pienaar 


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