Happy Friday & September first! It’s that time of the year when summer comes to a close and everyone settles back into their fall routines. I love this time of year; pumpkin spice is back.. along with more substantial tv shows and gorgeous weather perfect for cozy fall layers and the return of booties and chunky scarves.

Back to school was always an exciting time for me and I know it is for so many of you attending school right now! When I first graduated I moved to Toronto to go to University and that entire experience of moving into a dorm, having a roommate, unpacking and prepping our living space for the school-year was beyond fun. It was the first time I had lived on my own, so it was my first priority to make our (teeny tiny) space livable and comfortable. There are so many fun home goods at all price points you can use to make it your own – you do not need to spend a lot of money to create an amazing space. For me personally, I need to feel inspired by my space in order to be productive so this is a big one.

I’ve been out of school for five years so I thought it would be fun to share a back-to-school shopping list to inspire your transition or just get you a bit more excited at the arrival of fall.

Below I’m sharing a round-up of dorm-life essentials including personal care items and beauty products, cleaning supplies, and laundry care favourites I would definitely be putting on my list if I was heading back to school. Also included some space-saver ideas to make the most of your space with storage solutions starting from $5. As always, you can shop the shopping widget below, by simply clicking on the item you wish you shop.

If I was heading back to college this season, here’s 10 items I wouldn’t want to live without:

  1. Candles: crucial to help make your space smell fresh and feel cozy.
  2. Stationary supplies: pens, highlighters, day planner, ink cartridges and a storage cart to keep it all organized.
  3. Coffee machine: having one in your dorm room will make all the difference when cramming and pulling all-nighters. Just make sure you have a mini fridge to store any dairy or creamers you might need.
  4. Baskets: use these as storage solutions for throws, dirty laundry or to keep school supplies neatly tucked away and out of sight.
  5. Greenery: having some sort of plant (even if artificial) is a great idea to complete your space. A fiddle fig plant is a great one to keep inside a decorative basket but if you’re looking for something a little less maintenance succulents are always great fool-proof options too.
  6. Snacks: keep snacks like protein bars and shakes (using protein powder) on hand to fight any midnight snacking or to curb study cravings. Mints and gum are also nice to have on hand and can be stored neatly in glass jars on your desktop.
  7. Cozy Cardigan: nothing says fall like an oversize, cozy cardigan to throw over a basic tee and jeans.. basically my fall uniform.
  8. Mirror: pick up a full length mirror to put on the back of your door, even your roommate will thank you.
  9. Plush towels: feel at home by having a stack of fresh towels on hand. These will especially come in handy through the winter months.
  10. Whiteboard: this space saver can be pinned to the wall or in your closet and is perfect to jot down study notes or grocery lists.

Whether you are heading back to school, or back to the work routine I’m wishing you a happy fall and Labour Day long weekend!!




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