I have questions.

CBD has become a very on-trend, buzzword these days. For hearing about it so much, you’d think I’d know a little more about it.

You might have seen these CBD Beauty Droplets online created by Canadian brand, Cosset Co. The branding and packaging is initially what attracted me to want to try them. Then one night while I was tidying up my office, (clearly distracted) I opened up the bottle and put a few drops on the tops of my hands — honestly, I was impressed. The consistency and quality of the serums are incredible.

Which then made me curious to know – what are the actual benefits of CBD in skincare? Cosset themselves do a much better job of explaining what it is, the benefits of CBD and lots of details about each ingredient & cold-pressed oil if you want to learn more. But basically, here’s what you wanna know below:


+ helps regulate inflammation
+ can treat eczema & psoriasis
+ carry anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties
+ help reduce puffiness & swelling
+ ideal for individuals w/ eczema, acne, rosacea & sensitive skin


+ highly nutritious oil
+ excellent blend of essential fatty acids, Omega 6 & 3
+ contains GLA, an anti-inflammatory and SDA, which effectively helps fight against sensitive skin conditions and dermatitis
+ often been called “Nature’s perfect oil”
+ soothing & nourishing for dry skin
+ healing and balancing for oily skin
+ does not clog pores (!!)
+ works to reduce fine lines
+ replenishes moisture
+ protects against cellular damage. 


Since Marijuana has become legal in Canada, it’s been kind of funny to overhear peoples reactions and comments on the subject. For one thing, there seems to be a lot of confusion out there when it comes to where CBD fits into that.

It’s commonly believed that because CBD is derived from the marijuana and hemp plant, that it causes you to get high — WRONG. So, CBD does not produce a high but the component that does is called THC [which is not found in CBD products].

Now that we’ve got that cleared up, you should know that both CBD & Hemp Seed Oil are ingredients in the beauty droplets. Here are the 3 serums I’m currently testing out. Hopefully this post gives you enough info to make your own decision and if you DO decided to get them, we can test them out together!
Linking all 3 beauty droplet serums below:


Strawberry X Cameilla Facial oil
Watermelon X Sea Buckthorn Facial Oil
French Plum X Abyssinian Facial Oil

What are your thoughts on CBD? Ever tried? If so, which products have you tested?



    1. Thank you!! It’s really incredible how beneficial it is for so many things & issues. Happy to hear it’s helping your dog, too! We are thinking about giving ours cbd drops in his food to help with his joints etc as he gets older. Let me know if you have any favourite brands. Thanks for stopping by!!

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