While I can’t say I enjoy the task of going to Costco (..esp these days), but every couple months I make the trip to stock up on staples + snacks. Since it’s just the two of us, we don’t actually need a lot, however I find myself more inclined to go when I think about the snacks, alone.

Like yesterdays trip, for example. We didn’t need much except for a few household staples (like hummus, chai lattes & coffee) but we had zero snacks in the house, so I thought I’d stock up and share what I tend to repeatedly purchase. Since I obviously can’t link to their website, I’ve included images below so you have a better idea of the items I’m referring to.

Here’s my list of snacks were obsessed with:

+ Hummus: love this brand to use for my vegan caesar salad dressing or to use as a dip with the pretzels below.

+ Snack Factory Organic Pretzel Crisps: these are the perfect thin pretzel for a salty snack with hummus or peanut butter.

+ Tazo Chai Latte [X3 pack]: mix half milk (or milk substitute) with half cup Tazo chai mix for a delicious winter drink.

+ Organic Coconut Clusters w/ Super seeds: a perfectly satisfying, guilt-free snack.

+ Nature’s Path Organic Coconut & Cashew Butter Granola: love this granola mix with yogurt + fruit or in my açai bowls. I can never seem to find this at grocery stores – and when I do, it’s super expensive for the smallest bag – so I tend to grab 2 from Costco.

+ Whisps Parmesan Cheese Crisps: these are so good!

+ Snappers Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Pretzels: good luck eating just a couple! These are super satisfying if you have a major sweet tooth (like I do), a delicious mix of sweet & salty.

+ Poms Pomegranate Cup Seeds [X4 pack]: love these for dessert, too – if I’m in the mood for something more healthy. I get these sometimes from the grocery store but they’re so expensive to buy individually so this is a much better bang for your buck.

+ Simply Protein bars: X5 peanut butter chocolate, X5 lemon coconut, X 5 dark chocolate sea salt. These bars are so yummy! And again, super pricey to buy individually so this is a much better value.

+ Lacey’s Macadamia & Milk Chocolate Cookies: game over, these are my kryptonite. They don’t carry these year-round either, so if you do buy them you may want to get 2!

Other items we tend to stock up on from Costco:

+ hemp seeds
+ chia seeds
+ coffee
+ frozen berries
+ seaweed (kirkland brand)
+ dates
+ himalayan sea salt
+ quinoa
+ peanut butter
+ olive oil
+ Rx Bars


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