This has been a hot topic around here! When I first moved in with my husband (8 years ago) I had zero clue what the heck I was doing. Killed everything in sight. Like, call me black thumb. It was bad.

Over the years, I slowly figured it out and can proudly say that I’ve been able to keep my fiddle plant alive for almost 3 years now (and still growing strong).

I’m not sure if it matters where you get your fiddle plant from, but I got mine from The Plant Junkie – if you’re local, you should definitely head down to her gorgeous shop in Langley and meet her for yourself. She’s like a plant wizard and knows ALL the tricks.

Here’s what I do know & my tips on what has worked:

+ LIGHT: keep your fiddle in an area that gets the most indirect, natural light. I have gone out of my way to move my fiddle to our bedroom if the light is better there. Now that it’s more established, it lives full time in our living room.

+ WATER: at first, I would have thought you didn’t need to water that much. I was scared to overwater so I would king of guess. Now that i’ve had it for so long I can tell instantly when it needs some water just by looking at it. When I start to see the leaves droop downward, I know it’s time for water. I got a cute little watering can from Homesense that I fill and use exactly for that. While I don’t have a watering schedule, I kind of troubleshoot by keeping an eye on the leaves and water every few days.

+ SPRITZ: I got a water bottle from the dollar store and every so often – but mainly through the summer when its much warmer in temperature – I’ll spritz the leaves to mimic its natural environment.

+ SHOWER: again, something I tend to only really do in the summer time. Isabella (The Plant Junkie) recommended placing my fiddle into the shower and running lukewarm water over the plant. I’ve found this to be a reset for it and tends to encourage growth.

+ TOUCH: this might sound crazy, but I try to dust the leaves with my hands. Being that plants are living things, it’s actually not that crazy to think that they might just need a little extra love from time to time. In my experience, when I touch the leaves (by dusting them off) I tend to see new growth in the days following. Now I try to do this at least once a week – Give it a try!

Leave your tips below if you have any other ones that have worked well for you xx


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