I can say with much certainty that I have alway had a love of clothes, fashion, styling, pairing things together and coming up with different looks. Fall fashion, being my most favourite season for all these things – the only downside to my obsession is it usually comes with a price tag that quite frankly, I don’t have. So I’ll usually take one of two steps, either work with what I have or find ways to incorporate current trends and styles into my wardrobe without breaking the bank.

While I’m all for affordable fashion, I don’t like the idea of “fast fashion” in terms of the waste and environmental consequences it can often attribute to. That’s why I like shopping at stores like the Gap or H&M because they take part in sustainable initiatives (like a garment collecting service where you can drop off your clothing – any brand might I add, to be recycled instead of ending up in the landfills) while still maintaining an affordable price point for shoppers.

There are other ways you can update and refresh your fall wardrobe without spending a lot of money or becoming wasteful:

  1. Proper care for your clothing: weather we’re talking a Celine handbag or a blouse from somewhere like H&M, taking care of your garments will increase their lifetime in your closet so you can get the best use from them before selling or donating.
  2. Find ways to re-wear: there’s no rule book stating that you must wear all outfits only once (that would be absurd). Instead, build your wardrobe with pieces that can be layered and worn over again without becoming stale. Accessories are always a great way to update your look for less.
  3. Donate: donating your garments is such a great way to feel good and give back. I try to get the most use from my clothing (with great care) before donating it to my local donation centres. It makes me happy knowing that they are going to another home instead of to the landfill.
  4. Invest vs. Save: investing in great handbags and shoes are usually my go-to’s when building my wardrobe staples. From there I add-in seasonal (affordable) pieces that compliment them to get looks that can be worn different ways, multiple times.



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