Now that we’re well into October I’m ready to make some (small) decor changes to our situation at home. I don’t know about you but I get bored every so often and need to change things up or else things start to feel stale. I prefer to do this as the seasons change to keep things fresh and feeling in line with the time of year. Right now I’ve got a few things on my list, most of which are linked below. I don’t work from a large budget so my go-to places to shop for small furniture and home decor are:

  • Homesense (Homegoods in the US)
  • West Elm
  • Target
  • Winners
  • Ikea

When searching for new items, there are a few key staples I always keep an eye out for. Here’s what I always scan for:

+ cozy throws & blankets: our blankets have to feel as cozy as they look. To maximize on space, I roll & keep them in a storage basket when not in use.
+ candles: always hunting for fresh new scents to have lit around the house. I prefer woodsy, fresh, clean scents. I dislike overpowering scents or anything sweet. We also burn a lot of incense, especially after cooking to freshen the air.
+ hand soap: I’m a suck for unique branding and HomeSense always has cool packaging/brands. I think of my kitchen soap as decor, since it’s already on display it might as well look nice. It doesn’t always happen, but I also try to get bottles that are glass instead of plastic so they can be recycled or reused.
+ natural cleaning supplies: we stock up on Nellie’s and other natural cleaning brands at HomeSense & Target.
+ glass jars & storage containers to organize: clear containers for fridge organization, jars for food storage & glass containers to display jewelry/sunglasses etc.
+ anything marble: little display bowls, cutting boards, trays etc. Being white marble makes it super easier to switch these pieces around so you can reuse them over & over in different rooms. 
+ coffee table books: I don’t find many often but when I do they are a fraction of the cost than at a book store.
+ matches: matches help your candles burn better and I love to have them on display all over the house.



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