I think my love of candles came from my Nana. I used to stay with her a lot on weekends when I was growing up and she always had candles lit in her homes. It always made me feel comforted and at home, something I continue in our home now that I’m an adult myself.

Over the years I’ve come to pick my favourites (I prefer clean scents, anything woodsy and fresh – versus sweet and overwhelming) and have learned how to properly take care of my candles to keep them lasting longer. When it comes to candle etiquette, there is such a thing. Had to learn the hard way after ruining a few expensive ones that burned way quicker than they would have, had I known enough to properly care for their short lives.

By no means are candles a necessity, but they create amazing ambiance, a sense of coziness and fill the room with beautiful fragrance. That being said, when cared for correctly they’re way worth the investment. I find that candles are a simple way to add a feeling of luxury to a space. So, even if you are on a budget and can’t go overboard on furniture/decor, adding a couple little areas with beautiful candles and matches + cool match strikers, instantly elevates the room.

I’ve learned a lot from my friends at Vancouver Candle Co. Breaking down some tips below:

Currently burning: Atlantic + West Coast by Vancouver Candle Co.



  • trim candle wick to 1/4″ before each use.
  • allow the melt pool to reach edges of container before extinguishing (3-4 hours). This will allow candle to burn cleanly and evenly.
  • always keep on flat surface and avoid moving candle to keep wax even.
  • to extinguish candle, use a snuffer.
  • use matches to light (to prevent that black ring on the inside of the container)



Images: Melissa Skoda


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