This has been a long time coming buuuuut I finally captured my glowing green smoothie that you always see me making in my stories. There’s nothing crazy or complicated about it but I can tell you it’s contributed to my clear(er) skin, healthy hair & strong nails, 100%. If you know my history with skin issues, hair breakage and peeling nails then you’ll know I’ve actively been trying to do everything I can on the outside (like a consistent skincare routine & regular visits to see my dermatologist at Project Skin) but it wasn’t until I combined those actions with building on my inner health did I finally start seeing the results I’d been wanting.

Getting my greens has become a top priority in 2018 and with a few tweaks I’ve learned how to love it. I’ve included some tips below — while the recipe is simple, the way you make it makes ALL the difference to loving/hating it.

Scroll down for the recipe:


Here’s what’s in my smoothie:

+ WATER: I start with water as my base, just enough to blend. You could also use almond/cashew milk or coconut water as alternatives.

+ BANANA: one (or two) frozen ripe banana. Tip: I let my banana’s get as ripe as possible on the counter before breaking in half and storing in the freezer for later. This way, you’ll always have some on hand and freezing them when they’re super ripe allows them to get sweet and delicious, helping to balance out of greens.

+ KALE: since kale is an acquired taste that not everybody’s into, I’d start with one or two stalks and then work up once you get more used to it. Tip: I store my kale in the freezer so I always have some for smoothies or to sauté with garlic + lemon, but more on that later!

 + SPINACH: the more the better. Again, I keep my spinach stored in the freezer to keep it fresh.

+ CHIA SEEDS: X1 scoop of chia seeds. These are really good for your digestion and tasteless so the more the better.

+ HEMP SEEDS: X1 scoop of hemp hearts. This gives the smoothie a yummy, slightly nutty taste that seriously takes it up a notch. DELISH! and soooo good for you.

+ COLLAGEN: X1 scoop of TruMarine Collagen (helps strengthen hair, nails, skin & joints).

+ PROTEIN: sometimes I add a scoop of protein and sometimes I don’t, just depends on my mood and what I’m feeling like that day. If I feel like I need the extra protein, I’ll add one scoop but usually I’ll take it without to keep the flavours fruity.

If there’s anything to take away from my method, it’s to make sure your bananas are ripe before you freeze them and to also freeze your spinach and kale to keep fresh and avoid spoilage. This combination should give you a smooth, frozen consistency not runny or watery.


Photography: Melissa Skoda 


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