Now, I will start this off by saying this was not something I planned. I developed this post because this request was in high demand and after being asked a bazillion times I thought it’d just give the people what they want.

I’ve prefaced before, that we live in a condo and are pretty limited on space. Plus, there’s three of us (one of whom is rather large) so we’ve had to be conscious about how we use our space so we can make it work for and not against us.

I work from home which comes with it’s own list of pros and cons, but short version is I need a space I can step into and feel inspired. What I do for a living is heavily rooted in how I ‘feel’ and that includes my space and environment.

Our “second bedroom” is TINY and shaped like a triangle so in other words – hard to deal with. The first thing I did when we moved in was gave it a fresh coat of white paint. I’ll admit, it did take me some time to figure out what to do, aka: what the fuck furniture to put in there [see stories for the before pictures].

First stop, Ikea. I picked up the shelving/cubby unit you see on my back wall because it fit perfectly and you can customize your unit to preference. There are a couple different options to choose from but in the end I went with: drawers & closed cabinet doors on the left side and all open shelving on the right. I like that the right open shelving can be styled countless ways and be used to display certain items at the same time.

I like that the left side is lower and has a work-top so it can be utilized as a printing station. That’s where I keep my printer/scanner, my office supplies, printing paper, portable chargers and stationary in the drawers below.

I wanted a larger workspace, just something a little bigger to be able to spread everything out when I’m working at my desk, so I got the largest white one they had & metal hardware from Ikea. Since the desk I chose came without any drawers or storage I added a ‘beauty drawer’ below, which tucks in perfectly under my desk.

When I get new beauty products or have ones that I don’t use on a daily basis I store them away in there so they’re not piling up. I also house my sunglasses in a dedicated drawer as well as any office supplies etc. go in the top drawer.

I also got a supplies cart to house any other items that don’t have a home like; hair products, beauty masks, hand cream, lip balms etc and keep it beside my desk.

I keep a clothing rack in my office to have somewhere to hang new items I get in, or when a brand sends over new pieces that need to be shot, I’ll hang them here to 1) steam and 2) organize for the next project.

The metal shelving unit is also from Ikea ($40). It worked perfectly because it’s not too wide and can be used to store items on display.

Open shelving is always a good way to style and organize things. Being open, it kind of forces you to figure it out. My favourite way to store items are in containers and baskets or on trays. I picked up some felt baskets with cute gold hardware to house smaller items together to be kept out of sight. I used the lower shelf to display some of my favourite beauty products or products that I use regularly but didn’t have space for anywhere else.

Since this was such a hot topic, I answered some FAQ’s!

How do you keep your space organized?
I figure out what I need to actually use on a regular basis and how I can make those things work for me while still looking aesthetically pleasing.

I display what I can on shelves and house smaller misc items in storage baskets or containers. Ikea or places like Homesense have lots of options that look cute and are inexpensive. I like these felt ones from IKEA because of the gold hardware and chic design.

How do you organize projects, campaigns, collaborations etc?
I organize my projects and campaigns using Excel spreadsheets. You can imagine there are lots of details to keep track and having them all noted in a spreadsheet makes it easy to reference and track throughout the month.

I also use iCal to plan out my daily schedule but I love to use a day planner to jot down to-do’s, weekly goals, track workouts and keep reminders.

Where do you keep track of your goals (visual board, notes, etc)
I’m a very visual person and knowing this I make it work to my advantage by doing things like dedicating the whole wall above my desk for a inspiration/vision board. I still love and read magazines so there’s never a shortage of pages to rip out to add to the wall. I’ll switch out different images that resonate with me during certain times or seasons to keep things fresh.

I also write my goals down at the beginning of each year. Writing them out has always worked well for me, so long as I do a check-in half way through the year to reassess.

Some organization tips + tricks?
Always check the bath & kitchen aisles at stores like Homesense. You’d be surprised the gems I’ve found strolling those aisles, finding marble pen holders, trays and other way to display smaller items or office supplies.

To support this post, I’ve also filmed a video segment for IGTV taking you through my office space so you can see firsthand (outside photos). Sharing where you can find all the key pieces in my office and how I organize my space – my no. 1 question to-date!

Images: Melissa Skoda


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