When I took holidays earlier this year and ran a series of polls asking what you guys wanted to see in 2019, this one was noted more than once. I love opening up my Stories to you guys to get your thoughts, insights and impressions — it helps guide me to get more clear on the type of content you are interested in seeing so I can create more value to those who visit my site.

Because the job of a “blogger” or “influencer” is unconventional and quite frankly, all over the place I can see the interest (& let’s be honest, confusion) in understanding what we do all day in between all the posts & Stories.

So here you have it, a typical day in my life…. keep in mind that no two days are ever the same and there are always multiple projects being juggled at the same time so sometimes you have to be able to be flexible and act quickly to make things work.

To properly break down a day in my life, I’d have to first break down a regular week:

Monday – work from home
Mondays I like to have blocked out for prepping new blog posts, upcoming projects going live and to sort of organize myself for the week. I send out all important emails first thing.

Tuesday – out of office
Block day for errands / business in the city / prepping for shoot day.

Wednesday – out of office
Shoot day with Melissa Skoda (lead of photography).

Thursday – work from home
Work from home: writing & editing day, prepping all blog posts for the next week.

Friday – flex day
Flex day: any writing/editing or prepping is done today.

for the sake of this post, let’s assume I am writing about a typical Monday.

7am: wake up & move to the living room to have a coffee with my dog
7:30: wash face & get dressed for the day
8am: have my smoothie & avocado toast (usually). Another go-to is steel cut oats with sliced strawberries.
8:30: second coffee + emails & post to blog / social media / engage on social
9:30: take my dog for a walk & set my intensions for the day
10am: go for a workout (Mon/Wed is usually Steves Nash Fitness Club Tues/Thurs is usually boxing at 30 Minute Hit)
11:30: check emails / pitch projets & engage on social
12:30: have lunch (usually a big salad or healthy wrap)
1:30: work on writing copy for upcoming blog posts & finishing touches
3pm: prep for this weeks shoot (gather details, pull outfits, scout location & coordinate) 
: take Xavi out around the block & tidy the house before R gets home
5pm: make dinner / family time
6:30: clean up & relax for the night

Let’s not kid ourselves here, if I’m being totally honest my hours go far beyond this list. There are many days I work well into the night. To keep balance, I usually will block around 4:30-8:30pm to chill out, put my phone away and spent qt with my husband and dog. But I do tend to pick back up once they are winding down using that time to write, strategize and prep anything that needs to be finished to go live.

I try to be in bed for 11pm but that depends on if I’m working late or not. Since the new year I’ve been able to pack it in and get to bed for 11 every night, giving me 8 hours of sleep.

And that’s what a typical Monday looks like for me!


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