I have been and forever will be obsessed with Pinterest. It’s one of my favourite apps to-date and somewhere I head to daily, for inspiration.

Being an extremely visual person, Pinterest is kind of a one-stop-shop to come and get inspired. Whenever I have a few extra mins I’ll pull it up and just scroll through, adding any pins that catch my eye. Over the years I’ve built a substantial library of images including everything from home decor (organized by room), healthy meal ideas (+ a whole board dedicated to appetizers & cocktails), entertaining & organization ideas… the list goes on!

+ serves as a visual representation of your style, vision, vibe
+ source of constant inspiration & overall just a ‘happy place’
+ another extension of your online portfolio

When you’re first starting out (say you’re starting a blog), when you don’t necessarily have it all figured out, you can use pinterest to help guide ppl towards your vision without having it yet. I’ve found it helps to define your own taste and personal style, too. Mine has DEFINITELY evolved over the years.

If you’re new to pinterest or just curious how I use mine,
read on. Below are just a few of the topics/categories I like to build on.

Create an account: sign up for free and create a profile or your ‘home base’ and start pinning images.

Add pins: as you scroll through your feed, start pinning images to your boards. You might start noticing patterns in what your saving to your board which leads me to my next point…

Create categories: creating clear categories & sub-categories makes organizing your pins super easy (since you’re acquiring so many, quickly). For example, I love pinning images of homes, interiors, outfits, skincare, beauty stuff, travel inspo etc., so I created dedicated boards to save pins to, within those categories. I went so far as to create a dedicated pin board for each room in the house! Making it super quick and easy to navigate all my inspo on that one topic or subject. Cleans everything up a bit.

Edit: I don’t do this often but every year or so I’ll go through all my pins and remove ones that no longer resonate. It’s a good way to keep things aligned with your current vision and keep everything visually in tip top shape.

Are you on Pinterest? Let’s be friends!


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