It’s no secret I can get a bit extra in the skin dpt. And I’m open to pretty much anything if it promises youthful, dewy results.

Every couple weeks [or if I feel ‘in a funk’] I’ll make a whole thing of it and take a spa day at home. I have all these amazing products, so taking proper care of my skin — to clear, detoxify and cleanse the face, is super important if I want my products to penetrate deeply into the skin to do their job.

The facial steamer is designed to clear pores and stimulate circulation but a few other perks include;

— works to hydrate and soften the skin’s surface
— detoxifies your pores of impurities and dead skin cells
— skin becomes more receptive to other skincare products & treatments

If I’ve had a long day and not feeling it, I’ll add my favourite Eucalyptus essential oil to my steamer and treat myself to my own personal sauna. Included a few ideas of what you could include for your own at-home spa below:



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