I believe the way I end the day is just as important as I how begin it. Certain things need to take place for me to get into that state of mind, so I’ve developed a bit of an evening routine to help me wind down after a busy day.

I’m a night owl by nature and LOVE to work at night so it’s not unusual for me to want to stay up until 2am working on new blog posts, organizing my schedule or editing… up until very recently, this was my norm. I’m not sure what it is about the night or when everyone else is asleep, but I find such inspiration and clarity then.

On the flip side, I’m also well aware that proper rest and good sleep are such important pieces to living a healthy life. What’s all the success in the world if you aren’t healthy and feeling great?

There are definetly still nights where I’ll send my hubby to bed and stay up to get ahead but overall, I’ve been taking a much healthier approach. Just as I would any other area in my life, I put it on the schedule to get a full 8 hours and work backwards to do what I need to do to make sure that that actually happens. Here’s what has helped wind me down before bed:

9:30: set the tone
I head into our master bedroom & turn on our essential oil diffuser to give it a chance to get going, purify the air and fill the room with a relaxing, spa-like scent. We love Yoga, Rain Forest, After the Rain & Spa Spirit essential oil blends for bedtime. Next, I like to turn down our bed sheets so it feels like were getting into a hotel bed [you know, super fluffed & cozy] and spritz our pillows with the tranquility mist so when we do hit the pillow it’s lights out.

9:45: skincare
I keep an extremely consistent skincare routine, morning and night. It’s likely one of the reasons my skin has been doing so much better lately bc consistency is key. I remove my makeup – always – and then cleanse & hydrate. This is when I apply my more heavy duty products; a thick eye cream, overnight moisturizer and lip treatment to help restore & repair from the day and prep for the next day.

10pm: lights out
Typically I am in bed by 10pm. I pack my days so by the time my head hits the pillow I’m out, but on random days I need more time I’ll do some light reading for 10-15 mins and that usually helps me get sleepy. My alarm goes off every morning at 6:40am so I’m averaging at least 8 solid hours of rest each night and feeling great in the morning.

Last week I joined the team at Saje Wellness at their head office for a night of food, friends & meditation. They educated us on the importance of sleep to round out your wellness, as well as some key products to help get a good night’s rest. We learned SO MUCH but here are a few takeaways that might be helpful if you are currently not putting ‘sleep’ at the top of your to-do list:


+ repairs heart & blood vessels
+ positively affects appetite hormones
+ reduces stress
+ clearer thinking & better decision making [fewer mistakes]
+ decreased chance of getting sick
+ boosts immune system & reduces disease risk
+ stimulates tissue repair & muscle growth
+ improves brain funtion
+ sharper focus & faster reflexes
+ improves mood & minimizes irritability

Also important to note that the average adult should be getting apron 7-8 hours of restful sleep each night.

If this post is making you re-think your bedtime routine, then my job is done! Your health is the MOST important thing and should be your absolute priority. We all joke about beauty sleep when in reality sleep is one of the most underrated subjects of all! While some keep the attitude of I’ll sleep when I’m dead, others simply can’t get a solid, uninterrupted slumber without relying on medications etc. Whatever the case, we want to help.

To help get on track to your best sleep ever, I’ve teamed up with Saje [once again] to gift TWO lucky readers a collection of Saje products including their luxe Shut Eye Shade sleep mask, Sleep Well Remedy and Lavender Bath Salts [as seen on my Stories]. Meet me over on my IG for full contest details! Winner will be announced on Wednesday at 5pm PST.

Sweet dreams!


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