It’s that time again. I actually look forward to writing out my goals each year. It allows me to revisit what I accomplished last year and where I need to improve moving forward. Let’s get to it..

+ keep consistency: from workouts to wake up times, bed time to writing new blog content, keeping consistent is the one thing that keeps everything moving forward. It’s also the one thing that makes any progress I’ve had fly right out the window [when I’m not following through]. I’ve learned enough over the years to know that keeping consistent is true success. This year I want to be better. To do that, I’m going to take things one week at a time. Chunking it down to the week will make it feel way more doable than thinking about the month/year as a whole.

+ self-care: I believe whole-heartedly in self-care and taking time out to take care of myself. That may sound selfish to some, but it honestly makes me a better human, wife, friend. Whether it be as simple as a five-minute sheet mask, taking a hot bath, reading or just taking my dog for a walk outside for some fresh air. I’m committed to continuing to do what I need to feel my best, from the inside out.

+ expand my cooking horizons: I’ve been ordering from a local delivery service for about two years now (hello, Fresh Prep). By doing so, I’ve had the chance to make tons of fresh meals I might have never tried had I done it solely on my own. This year I want to push my comfort zone and try to make new things on my own, more often. Right now I’m loving replying on Pinterest to make that happen. It’s super inspiring.

+ reduce our plastic consumption: this is something we’ve been working on the past few years but I know there’s more to do. We’ve switched over to glass tupperware vs. plastic, don’t buy plastic water bottles and have gotten in the habit of only using reusable shopping & produce bags. Recently I’ve learned that some soft plastics can also be recycled at our local recycling depot. Takes a little more work but totally worth it. This year I want to be on top of educating ourselves on how we can make a difference in our household.

+ more quality time: we truly enjoy being at home. Making home cooked meals and spending time with our dog. This year I want to make a bigger effort to spend QT outside our home, like on date nights and simple things like that. I also want to make a bigger effort with the other relationships in my life, especially making more time for my 80 year-old Nana.

+ more travel: it’s been a while since we’ve travelled anywhere outside of North America but this year we’ve got some travel in the books. We will be heading back to Europe this Spring to visit Paris, Madrid, Barcelona and possibly Italy. So excited and taking recommendations!

+ find our next home: it’s time. We’ve spent 6 years in our condo and loved our life here. That being said, we are looking to expand our family and ultimately just need more space. We’re looking forward to having a bit more privacy and hopefully some sort of a yard! I know that the perfect place will find us when the timing is right. We want to find a place we can make our own (which means LOTS of home reno’s and projects for the blog). I know home is a really popular topic on my site so I can’t wait to have much more to share here.

+ figure out fertility: this is also the year we are hoping to start our family (outside of dogs). We’ve never felt rushed and have taken our time to enjoy life together. Might sound weird, but I’m actually so glad that we’ve waited. There have been so many things / stresses / life changes that have happened over the years that I feel like had we had babies then, I wouldn’t have been able to be fully present and enjoy it as much as I know I will now. No pressure and no timelines. Were just going to go with the flow and see what happens.

What are your resolutions for 2020?


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