After 10 months, I caved and made a hair apt. I had taken a break from colouring in an attempt to repair damage then just kinda let my hair grow and do its thing. Low and behold, ten months have passed so I thought it was probably time for a visit to refresh.

I have to say, I’ve been into my rooty vibe lately. I knew I wanted to keep things more natural so we opted to do balayage. Which, thankfully for me is Kayla’s specialty. I recently started seeing Kayla (@kaylaelsombeauty) at Brush Salon. I love Brush bc they specialize in blondes – which, if you are one you know it can be tricky to get the right tone + color. You can see more of my hair journey with Brush, here & here.

I cut off 3 inches of dead hair and left with this bouncy, healthy looking blunt cut. Rooty, with bright face framing highlights. One thing that Kayla pointed out to me was that my hair seemed dry.

Come to think of it, I should be treating my hair in the same manner I do my skincare. Just like our skin, our hair needs lots of moisture and hydration in order to be strong enough, not to break. She recommended that I start integrating weekly hair masks into my routine. Now that I’ve been made aware, it’s something I’m definitely going to schedule regularly.

Ultimately, I want my hair to grow out to be as strong, full & shiny as humanly possible. I’m curious to see how my diet and daily supplements (ie; biotin + collagen peptides) also support my hair health, if at all.


  • take a daily collagen in my ice water
  • take a multi vitamin + omega 3 fish oil
  • eat a balanced diet, including LOTS of leafy green veggies
  • only wash my hair once a week, twice if necessary
  • wait longer periods between color treatments
  • limit hot tools (as best as I can)
  • starting hydrating hair masks, weekly


+ weekly / regular hair masks
+ do monthly conditioning treatment
+ eat a well-balanced diet aka lots of greens
+ use protective spray when you do use hot tools

+ avoid or limit use of hot tools
+ avoid excessive washing schedule (stick to once or twice per week)
+ avoid using harsh chemicals or those that strip the hair of it’s natural oils
+ limit use of products with ‘salt’ ie; salt sprays. This drys hair out!

What are your hair care secrets?? What should I add to my list?


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