I hope you had an amazing Labor Day long-weekend! Now that we’ve soaked up the last (hopefully not?) summer sunshine, it’s time to focus our attention back to skincare — or rather, assess the damage done while drinking margaritas and enjoying carefree days by the pool. You would be STUNNED if you could actually ‘see’ the damage the sun has caused your face.

There is a machine at Project Skin that does exactly that. I was terrified to try it on my first visit (read here) but since then it’s taught me so much and really put things into perspective about how important it is to protect and take good care of my skin.

Every couple months I visit my dermatologist to reassess my skin health and adjust my products as needed. Living in Vancouver, BC, we go through four seasons, each with it’s differences, all affecting my face. With a lot of learning and tips from Dr. McGillivray I know what my needs are and what products I can switch out/in to help.

In the winter, my skin needs more moisture and hydration so I adjust accordingly with a thicker cream or face masks. In the summer, I narrow down the products I use because my skin doesn’t feel like it needs as much moisture, but more protection (I use SPF 50 on my face, everyday, year round) so I ramp up on different serums that help with pigmentation/sun protection etc. to help reduce the appearance of unwanted sun spots or acne scars.

Since we will be heading into cooler temps soon, it was time to check-in to make sure I’m still doing everything I can to protect and care for my skin properly. I’ve had a lot of you ask about my daily skincare routine, so I included a breakdown below:


+ simply clean cleanser

+ H.A. Intensifier

+ nourishing eye balm

+ advanced pigment corrector

I know firsthand how daunting it can be to learn/find what works for you, so if you have any questions feel free to leave them below or DM me directly!


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