I got to go to New York City again a few weeks ago with EOS, as part of their global initiative for the 2019 launch (more to come!). It was a super exciting 3 days, but always a complete whirlwind when you’re travelling for work. I might think about extending my trip next time, there’s just TOO much ground to cover in a week, let alone three days.

I love having the chance to travel because it allow me the opportunity to try different hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and explore the city in a way I might not have, had we gone on our own. This time around we stayed in the same hotel as last year (The Ludlow Hotel) which was kind of nice bc it was still fresh in my memory so I didn’t go through a whole ‘i’m lost‘ phase.

I saved the Qs I got while I was away (many were duplicates) and answered them all below:

Where did you stay?
We stayed at the Ludlow Hotel. It’s located in the Lower East Side, near SoHo.

Would you recommend?
Even if you don’t stay there, it’s worth a visit for a glass of wine in the hotel lobby or their beautiful indoor (but feels outdoor) terrace. On our last night we went up to the rooftop for some rosé and took in the views.

Can you link your outfits? I need to know where the dresses are from.
Got so many questions about all the dresses I brought! Crazy, bc they weren’t new — repeat offender over here. I’ve been living in these all summer & decided to take them because the weather was hot and muggy but I still needed to dress to impress. I don’t like to compromise on comfort so this fit the bill. I did link them all on my LIKEtoKNOW.it profile here, but here you go: button down bodycon dress // bodycon tank dress — or another lighter colour here // rose bodycon dress. *NOTE: all 3 are on sale & under $50


Favourite coffee shop?
Honestly there are so many little mom + pop coffee shops around the city so your options are endless. For something a little more fancy, I love Cha Cha Matcha for a cold matcha lemonade.

Favourite healthy spot?
Visited Joe and The Juice for the first time for lunch on-the-go and it was an instant fave. I got the ‘Green Prince’ & the Avo, Tomoato, Mozza, Pesto sandwich – soooo good and would def go back again.

Where did you go to dinner the first night? With the glass ceiling?
Our first night in New York we had a team dinner at NOMO Kitchen. You might recognize the infamous NOMO archway at the entrance, lit up with dozens of twinkling lights. It was my second time visiting NOMO and it was just as good as I remember.

On our second night, we went to La Esquina. It was my first time visiting, but if you know me you know I am A SUCKER for good Mexican food. La Esquina is kind of a hidden gem, from the outside it looks like a vintage diner but once you go through the door, you are lead downstairs to this incredible restaurant.

Do any shopping? Where is good to go?
There really wasn’t much time for shopping but we did have some free time our last day and strolled down Broadway (since it wasn’t too far from the hotel) for some window shopping. I like to window shop and find things we don’t have in Canada. Everything is done so much bigger in NY so I’m always noting what they’re doing, how they’re merchandising, their displays etc. Prob boring to many but that’s how my mind works. Shopping in Manhattan is always fun, with lots of photo ops and landmark establishments the city is known for.

Any spots you wish you had, had time for? What’s on your wishlist?
How much time do you have? Many don’t know this but I lived in New York for one summer years ago (background: read 10 things you didn’t know about me & 5 FAQ). I did an internship at a Guerrilla Marketing firm in Times Square as part of my degree program so there’s lots I’ve done in terms of sightseeing etc. but the handful of times I’ve been back I never have enough time to do it all! I’d like to go back and revisit places like; the Empire State Building, 30 Rock, Central Park, shopping down 5th Ave, Dylan’s Candy Bar…. guess I’ll have to plan a trip back. Hubby’s NEVER been. 

I’ve saved all my stories from the trip in a dedicated highlight reel on my profile, if you want to see video!

Made possible by EOS.
Thank you EOS & the team at Faulhaber Communications for this incredible experience.


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