Twice a year I sit down to my desk and look over the goals I set back in January to see just where I’m at, how I’ve progressed and how I can improve to make more (regular) little victories. Since we’ve just hit the six-month checkin I thought i’d try to really challenge myself to dig a little deeper with the help of some very powerful … well, paper.

I went online and purchased a new set of PowerSheets from my pal Lara Casey. If you’ve never heard of PowerSheets and are (or would like to be) a goal-oriented and results driven individual then you have to go and check these out. They are like a mini cheat sheet to living your most successful life, however you define it. The sheets are broken down into monthly sections that you can fill in to really get clear on your direction and how to get there. Even better, the planner breaks those goals down into chunks with specific actions to completing your goals. It’s easy thinking ‘big picture’ but how does one get there? What baby steps need to be taken (each day, each week, each month) in order to make it a reality.

I’ve always known and been very aware of the direction I needed/wanted to go in but not always certain on the how to getting there. It’s taken me the four years I’ve had my blog (+ another 10 working in the Marketing industry) to really focus on and figure out my purpose in this field, my personal brand aesthetic and where I can add value to my readers. With all the blogs out there I want to be sure I’m providing my community with content that is as beautiful and engaging as it is purposeful and of value.

After years of figuring out, hard work, a lot of fun creating, relentless dedication annnnd of course, the help of these power sheets I feel like I’m just coming out on the other side with a much clearer & meaningful vision for where I’d like to take this road I’m on (with directions on how to get there). Overall my goals have remained pretty consistent with the exception of a few tweaks here and there, but this check-in for me was more about taking a look at how and where I can build on what I have already created, clarifying the goals I’d already set with more a specific action plan.


This is my second set of powersheets and I’m finding them so helpful I had to share (and this post was by no means sponsored). Happy to do an Instagram Live if some of you still have questions or interest in more about this! Just leave me a comment below or msg me on social.


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