For some reason the entire month of May, I am back and forth between work in the city and mini getaways in and around Vancouver. I try not to venture too far from Vancouver during the warmer months because it’s so beautiful this time of year, to be away would mean to miss it. The summers go fast enough, so this year I want to try to soak up as many little trips as I can to enjoy everything my city has to offer.

We left Monday night for our cabin on the sunshine coast and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. The weather is suppose to be warm, sunny and pretty much perfect! Has been sine we got here (see stories for proof). While I don’t usually pack too much for a week away on the island, since were talking spring travel getaways I thought it only appropriate to share a few packing tips + key items I pack whether I’m going near or far. Scroll down to see what I mean:


Suitcase | My pullover | Shoes

Key travel items:

+ Power cords & extra portable chargers: who’s phone isn’t running out of juice every other hour? I’m currently in the market for a new phone but in the meantime I must have at least one portable charger with me in my bag in case of emergency.

+ Noise cancelling headphones: these have been money in the gym but also great for travel especially on planes when you want to listen to music/watch a movie in peace.

+ Separate documentation pouch: I’m such a crazy when it comes to being/feeling organized I always travel with a (faux) leather documentation pouch to keep travel documents, passports, reservations, tickets or money safe. I hate having everything tousling around in my tote, so this alleviates any stresses of misplacing something important.

+ Dry Shampoo: there’s nothing worse than having to use cheap hotel shampoo, forgetting your own or having to take up precious space in your suitcase for bulky bottles. So, to avoid the hassle I bring a good dry shampoo to hold me over. This is usually for trips one week or less. If I’m travelling for longer durations then I will normally sacrifice a bit of space in my suitcase to bring some quality hair products in reusable bottles.

Packing Tips:

+ Roll your clothes: rolling your clothes vs. folding will save you tons of space, guaranteed.

+ Store wisely: use the space opposite the side you fill to store bulk items like shoes, blow dryers/hair tools or extra beach bags etc. Everything can be zipped up securely and won’t wreak havoc on the rest of your space.

+ Use all compartments: most suitcases now have lots of storage compartments to store smaller items. I like to make use of this space to store extra chargers & power cords, any loose beauty products or books/notepads.

+ Bring extra tote: bring an extra collapsable tote bag to store on the way there. You can always use it as a beach/day bag for the duration of your trip and double as an extra in case you somehow run out of space while you’re there.

Photography: Melissa Skoda


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