This weekend we are celebrating Thanksgiving, which means lots of pumpkin-everything, a big feast, lots of friends and family time and an extra day off. I love that we get to celebrate Thanksgiving in October in Canada. It signifies the start of the holiday entertaining season which is what I look forward to most throughout winter.

The temperatures have dropped over the last few days — hoping it’s just a cold front were experiencing temporarily — and it feels like winter already. On one hand I can’t believe it, on the other it’s making me kinda excited about all the little holiday traditions to come. Scroll down for 10 things I am grateful for this Thanksgiving:

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10 Things I’m Thankful For:

  1. My health: I am beyond thankful to have my health. A healthy body & vessel, carrying a healthy mind and spirit. I am also thankful to live in a country that can provide access to healthcare and medicines.
  2. My husband: for loving me. Teamwork makes the dream work. Without him I couldn’t juggle as well as I do. We balance each other and pitch in where & when needed. So grateful for him and everything he does for our family.
  3. My family: what is life without family? The love + support of my family is everything to me.
  4. My dog: my angel companion, I feel closer to him than most humans. He fills our home with so much love, affection and silliness there’s never a dull moment with him around. I can’t imagine our lives without him.
  5. My home: I am thankful to have shelter, a roof over our heads. A beautiful home that keeps us safe and warm and comforted after a long day. It’s our sanctuary and more than we could ever need.
  6. Food + fresh water: to have a stocked fridge and mindless access to fresh water at all times is something North Americans don’t realize is a HUGE luxury. Never take it for granted, those little things.
  7. My cozy bed: seems silly but my bed allows me to rest and recharge to do better the next day. Another luxury we all take for granted.
  8. Being a Canadian citizen: I am so proud and honoured to be Canadian and to have the freedoms that come with that.
  9. To be a woman in tech: I am thankful to have the opportunity to work in tech, to speak my mind freely, to be creative & work for myself. I’m still processing how little women have been ‘allowed’ to accomplish in the past but I’m excited to see the future of women in business.
  10. My papa: I’m thankful to have had my whole life with my Papa. Shortly after partying together over cupcakes on his 89th birthday, it was time to let him go. He taught me pretty much everything I know and was a huge reason why I went out on my own when I did. I was hesitant and holding back but he pushed me to go for it. Reminding me (often) that failures will come but if you focus your mind on pushing forward, be open to learning and becoming better, the opportunities will come. He told me failures are only lessons in disguise, on to the next. I definitely miss our chats and get sad when I think about how much has happened since then and how much I have to still tell him. But then I remember what he told me and keep pushing forward.



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